Styles and Options for Chrome Door Numbers

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Style and Design When choosing chrome door numbers you need to consider what kind of style would fit best with your home.

Styles and Options for Chrome Door Numbers

Styles of Chrome Door Numbers A classic touch, brushed chrome and polished brass home front door numerals give a regal appearance to any home. These chrome digits are available in several solid brushed chrome metal finishes and different solid brass finishes. Chrome door numerals can also be hand painted to match your home decor or modernize it with sleek black lettering or a grid pattern. Painted front door numerals offer the same classic look with added durability. All Chrome Door Number options come with an authentic license plate matching the front panel.

Style and Design When choosing chrome door numbers you need to consider what kind of style would fit best with your home. Modern, contemporary, cottage, country, Gothic, and formal styles can all be used to create an impression. Consider what kind of design style your front entryway currently exhibits to make sure that the new style will be complementary. Also think about the colors and textures that would make the most impact for the area you want to display the front door open signs.

Solid Brass Chrome Home Front Door Number Options There are two styles to choose from: polished chrome finish or satin chrome finish. Satin chrome door numbers can have a single or double tone finish and polished chrome door numbers may come in single or double chrome finishes. The choice depends on the theme or decor of your home. Polished chrome finish front door numbers are great for creating a glossy, modern appearance. They're also available in polished chrome finish and satin chrome finish for an equally glossy look.



Decorative Features Raised Letters or Designs

Brushed Chrome Door Numbers These chrome digits can be made in several ways including brushed chrome, brushed nickel, and satin nickel. Brushed chrome is a popular choice because of its timeless quality. Chrome has been around for hundreds of years, so brushed chrome door numbers are an economical alternative for upgrading old front doors.

In addition, brushed chrome door numbers often have subtle decorative features like raised letters or designs. Satin chrome door numbers are popular because they're available in many color choices including black, blue, or pink.

Solid Brass Chrome Home Front Door Number Styles Many solid brass door numbers come in single or double-tone finishes and can have gold accents. This style is popular with modern decor styles, and some homes are designed using this style.

Solid brass has been used for decades, so it's one of the best choices for today's design aesthetic. There are also brushed chrome door numbers available. Brushed chrome doors can come with a variety of embellishments including gold or silver plated numbers, pronged caps, or even intricate grooves.



Affordable Choice For any Home Interior Design

PVD Chrome Door Number Styles One of the most popular styles available is polyvinyl chloride, or PVDA. This style is extremely durable and has many different styling options, including brushed finish. It's also available in many different styles including polished chrome and satin chrome. These doors have a brushed, metallic look, which gives many homes with a sleek, modern appearance. They're relatively inexpensive, making them an affordable choice for any home interior design.

Handcrafted Door Hinges Hand crafted chrome door numbers have a unique look that's difficult to reproduce. A popular option is stamped metal hinges, which are stamped with the house number and name or a raised number that's decorative. Other options include handcrafted louver doors and louvered panels. Many people choose these doors because they can be customized to include an extra panel for a door lock or handle.

There are many different styles of chrome door numbers. With new designs and color options coming on a regular basis, there's no reason not to have a decorative number for your front door. Whether it's for practical reasons or an accent that adds character to a space, these doors are among the most popular choices made today.

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