How Do I Speak To Someone at Hotmail ?

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You can call the Helpline number or you can read the blog for more details about How can you speak to someone at Hotmail Customer Service.

How Do I Speak To Someone at Hotmail ?

Things about the Hotmail

Hotmail is the webmail that Microsoft lays out. With the help of Hotmail, you can send the attachment of large files also. Through Hotmail, you can send the webmail or chat with people or also check the calendar there. Hotmail also has customer support to solve your queries. 

How can you get to Hotmail customer service?

You can Speak to Someone at Hotmail Customer Service either through the help page mentioned at Hotmail or through the get help app. And the steps have been laid down here:-

By Hotmail 

The following steps contain a guide to getting customer service from Hotmail-

  • First of all, from your internet browser open the Hotmail or open the Hotmail application 

  • Then log in to your account,

  • When you have logged in 

  • After that, visit the support option, and there you have to go to the global phone number. 

  • You can have a helpline number on the global phone number page.

By Get Help app

Get help app is for all Microsoft users; by this, you can get to the customer service of Microsoft. There, you have to describe your query regarding Hotmail and get help. The steps are to access customer service details is-

  • Firstly, install the Get Help app, and after that, open the application

  • Then tap on the contact us option

  • After that, select the chat option 

  • Then you have to type your issue and the products by which you are facing the issue. And submit the same.

  • Now, Microsoft customer service will get to you through the chat.

So,  How Can I Speak to Someone at Hotmail has been answered in this article, and by using any of the platforms, you can fix your Hotmail.

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