How to Match Your Sports Watch With Any Outfit

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Here is the detailed guide to match your sports watch with any outfit

How to Match Your Sports Watch With Any Outfit

Discover how to combine your sporty watch with casual and formal outfits. Put on a suit. Now, look at your watch. Does it have a leather strap? If so, are the watch and the suit coordinated in color? If not, consider switching to a metal or plastic strap for this occasion. If you're wearing a sports watch with casual clothes, make sure it has a strap that doesn't clash with the rest of your outfit. A metal or plastic bracelet is versatile enough to accompany casual wear and formal attire. You won't have to change straps when going from one type of event to another if you own such an accessory.

Sports watch with a business suit

  • Choose a watch with a leather strap or metal or stainless steel like Seiko 5 Sports.
  • For the face of the watch, pick black or gray.
  • Wear a suit jacket or blazer in black, blue, gray, or brown.
  • Wear a white or light blue dress shirt under your jacket and blazer.
  • Go with black or dark blue dress pants to match your suit jacket or blazer (if desired).
  • Add black dress shoes and wear no socks for that "professional" look!

Sports watch with a turtleneck.

A sports watch provides a subtle, non-fussy way to add some fun to your outfit. For example, adding a sleek sports watch with leather details is an excellent choice if you're wearing a turtleneck. Just pair it with other neutrals like black pants or jeans.

Sports watch with jeans and boots

A sports watch provides a subtle, non-fussy way to add some fun to your outfit. It can be combined with a leather jacket and boots for more visual interest. Finished off with some leather boots or a motorcycle jacket, you'll be ready to take on rush hour traffic in style.

Sports watch with a dress.

Pairing a sports watch with a dress is the perfect way to bring out your style statement. 

Make sure the watch has a sleek, stylish look to pair well with your outfit. For example, if you're wearing an elegant black dress, you might want to choose a polished silver watch with a black leather band. This type of pairing will help make any outfit look more sophisticated and put together.

Choose one that complements the design of your outfit. If you're wearing something casual like jeans or khakis with an oversized shirt or sweater vest overtop, then try going for something sportier—like an all-black version of what would typically be considered formal attire—so that both pieces match each other without looking too busy or overdone in terms of design elements.

Sports watch with sneakers

  • Sport watch with casual sneakers

We're focusing on low-top sneakers generally made from canvas or leather. This can include Converse, Vans, Tom's, and Sperry Top-Siders. Low-key materials tend to match the understated look of a sports watch.

  • Sport watch with high-end sneakers

Some brands of athletic shoes have become so sought after that they've transformed from performance wear into high-end fashion items. Yeezys (designed by Kanye West) are probably the most famous example here.

While not quite as athletic as running shoes, these still fall into the category of activewear. So if you want to emphasize this outfit's crossover between "athlete" and "fancy person," then wearing your sports watch might help achieve that balance!

  • Sport watch with running sneakers

Running shoes are typically distinguishable by their rubber outsoles, thick midsoles (for absorbing shock), lace closures (to keep them in place while you're moving quickly), and knitted uppers (to maximize breathability). They're designed for fast movement so that they would work well with your sporty wristwatch.

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