9 Success Tips from TAN HUNG JSC - Vietnam-Based PP Woven Bag Manufacturing Company

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PP woven bags are composed of polypropylene fabric produced by entwining polypropylene fabrics.

9 Success Tips from TAN HUNG JSC - Vietnam-Based PP Woven Bag Manufacturing Company

While running a PP woven bag manufacturing company can be challenging, there are a few tried-and-tested strategies that industry frontrunners have been utilizing to help drive their manufacturing businesses to success.


What is a PP woven bag?

PP woven bags are composed of polypropylene fabric produced by entwining polypropylene fabrics.

They became popular packaging products in various industries because of their affordability, sturdiness, breathability, recyclability, resistance to stain and tear, non-toxicity, and customizability. Compared to its packaging competitors, PP woven bags are more cost-efficient, making them a viable packaging option for most vendors.


While there are various forms of PP woven bags, the most common and popular ones are laminated bags, plain woven bags, printed woven bags, and liner PP bags. Each PP woven bag type has its purpose and function.

What are the primary uses of PP woven bags?

PP woven bags are a highly beneficial packaging solution for various industries. Some of the major applications of PP woven bags include:

  • Geotechnical engineering: PP woven fabrics are extremely useful in irrigation works such as buildings, mines, ports, trains, and road constructions since they can efficiently drain, prevent, and filter seepage.

  • Agricultural product packaging: PP woven bags are commonly used to store and transport agrarian items such as fruits, aquatic products, vegetables, and feeds.

  • Flood control products: PP woven bags are highly useful in minimizing the adverse effects of floods. Woven polypropylene sandbags are utilized internationally in building riversides, dams, and river banks.

  • Tourism and transport: PP woven fabrics are widely used to make travel bags, temporary tents, screens, fences, and sunshades.

  • Food packaging: PP woven bags are popularly utilized to store food products such as rice, maize, and flour.

Who is Tan Hung JSC?

Tan Hung JSC has been one of the leading PP woven bags and fabrics manufacturers in Vietnam since 2007.

They have provided their clients from various industries with quality and innovative packaging solutions, such as PP woven sacks, HDPE/PE bags, and fabrics. The company caters to local and foreign markets, constantly delivering high-quality products at competitive prices.


Some of the industries they serve include:

  • Fertilizer industry

  • Food grain and flour industry

  • Sand industry

  • Sugar industry

  • Animal feed industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Salt industry

Tan Hung JSC, over the years, has been developing business relationships throughout the globe, delivering service to countries such as Russia, Singapore, the Philippines, Chile, Spain, Peru, Romania, Netherlands, and Belgium.

9 Success Tips for PP Woven Bag Manufacturing Business

As an industry leader in PP woven bag manufacturing, Tan Hung JSC has implemented game-changing tactics to ensure its operations remain strong, especially during challenging periods.

If you are still trying to keep your PP woven bag manufacturing business afloat, here are a few success tips to help you efficiently run your company.


1. Have a solid and diverse network

A strong network of reliable and relevant contacts is crucial to any business. Regardless of your company size, mission, and vision, you must actively build fruitful connections to help you secure more clients.

Networking can help your PP woven bag manufacturing businesses secure a solid support system, gain valuable industry insights, and obtain loyal customers.


2. Focus on quality

QUALITY CONTROL IS VITAL WHEN RUNNING A MANUFACTURING BUSINESS since PP woven bags are known for their sustainability, flexibility, chemical and moisture resistance, durability, longevity, and adaptability.



For your company to remain reputable and competitive in manufacturing, you must implement strict quality control measures, ensuring all your products are safe and of the highest standard. Concentrating on quality control protects your manufacturing business’s reputation and fosters consumer trust.


3. Strive for efficiency

Whether investing in new technology, hiring additional workers, or automating processes striving for efficiency should be a priority of every PP woven bag manufacturing business.

Identify business areas that need improvement in terms of efficiency and profitability. Every department in your company should coordinate with each other to ensure that production runs smoothly.

Assess your workflows and address issues that can hinder business productivity. With efficient processes, your manufacturing company can avoid costly mistakes that can significantly harm your business in the long run.


4. Leveraging technology

Investing in technological innovations that can foster the overall efficiency of your PP woven bag manufacturing company should be another business priority. Regardless of how efficient your traditional systems and methods are, you must leverage technology and maximize its benefits.

Research for technological solutions that can streamline your processes and increase production. Evaluate the efficiency of your current machines and consider replacing some of them if the budget permits.

Using technology, you can proficiently manage your inventory, keep up with customer demands, and maintain business compliance.


5. Constantly innovate

Whether it is modifying production processes, replacing suppliers, or adapting innovation solutions, continuous innovation is essential for manufacturing companies.

To ensure your PP woven bag company stays relevant in the manufacturing industry, you must actively search for opportunities to incorporate innovation into your PP woven bag manufacturing business.

Ultimately, the result of innovation is enhanced efficiency since by implementing new processes, you are significantly lessening your waste, improving turnaround times, and boosting the quality of your products.


6. Empower your employees

Employees are integral to business success, so they must be empowered, happy, and motivated. To keep your business efficient and profitable, invest in strategies that can boost employee morale and improve their performance.

In the PP woven bag manufacturing industry, poor or low employee morale can result in inefficiency, increased turnover, and unnecessary internal conflicts.

As the business owner, ensure all your employees are focused on contributing to the company’s success. Always acknowledge their hard work and celebrate accomplishments, no matter how minor.


7. Secure experienced workforce

Aside from motivating your employees, you must ensure they are highly skilled and efficient. Employees can make or break your manufacturing business, regardless of your operating duration.

A minor mistake can significantly impact your business production, saving valuable financial resources. If you cannot overhaul or reduce low-performing workers, invest in multiple training sessions that can further enhance their skills to help them perform better.


8. Minimize branching out

While business expansion is a sign of success for some businesses, branching out or relocating to another area without legitimate reasons can harm your PP woven bag manufacturing business.


9. Enhance inventory management

Since most manufacturing businesses rely heavily on inventory management, investing in efficient inventory systems that streamline operations is essential. An effective management solution can significantly increase profit margins and reduce production costs.

If your existing inventory management solution no longer suits your business needs, thoroughly assess your manufacturing company immediately. Consider hiring a consultant or a third-party expert to perform this task so you can efficiently identify inventory issues that may be disrupting your business.



With these tips, dedication, hard work, the right attitude, and a positive mindset, running a successful PP woven bag manufacturing business need not be difficult. Constantly search for ways to improve your business, and never hesitate to ask for professional help.


About Tan Hung JSC, the Vietnam PP woven bag manufacturer


TAN HUNG is the leading manufacturer of PP woven bags, PP woven sacks, and PP woven fabrics in VIETNAM. ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP certified.


Production Capacity: monthly, 20 million PP woven bags, PP woven sacks, and 1000 tons of PP woven fabric.


The company supplies national and foreign markets, such as Europe (Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Greece), Russia, Asia, Oceania, Africa, and the Americas. These demanding markets force us to work with the highest possible quality and productivity standards.

TAN HUNG offers a range of pp woven sacks in different sizes, weights, and colours. These sacks are made with woven polypropylene making them extremely durable. Woven polypropylene sacks are ideal for heavy or sharp items that typically burst through weaker bags.




Ha Binh Phuong Industrial Zone, Hanoi city, Vietnam


Mr. Khanh Dang (Ken) looks forward to assisting you 24/7 with further information, support, recommendations, and solution suggestions.


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