History of Car Names That Start With R

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When deciding what kind of car to buy, The number of cars available in the market can make your task tough. Especially if you have limited time to do your research.

History of Car Names That Start With R

Have you ever wondered about the phenomenon of car names that start with R? If you're not from the United Kingdom or Australia, you probably won't have. In these places, the word "R" is often considered to be slang for "renowned." On the automotive scene, it's become a sort of rite of passage for young people to drive expensive and unique cars. Unfortunately, many of these cars end up burned or destroyed in minor road accidents, as the result of poorly written insurance policies.

  • It seems strange that such a popular brand would be named after a company whose primary business is in producing cars. Well, take a look at any group of cars and you'll find at least one that started life as a renter's vehicle. Now, we're not talking about Rolls Royces and Mercedes-Benzes, we're talking about Renault and Nissan. Before long, these cars were known as Renaults and Nissan.
  • As it turned out, this was a very wise business move on the part of Nissan. At the time, a Nissan dealer in Canada had an exclusive sports car section. The section was meant to only carry the sportier cars that were imported from Europe. Nissan quickly learned that if they had a name that was good enough to be imported from Europe, then they could make their own version of the same car.
  • The car names that start with R are very easy to pronounce. It just so happened that at the time, a lot of Nissan cars were also built in Japan. When it came time to open up the sports car section, something clicked for Nissan and they quickly decided to build a new car from the ground up using the letters R. The first letters of the car's model are "R". Then the last letters are "RC" for "romanized", or "ritual".
  • Now, take a look at the current offerings from the manufacturer of Renaults. If you were to open up the sports car section today, you would find a selection that is not even remotely similar to what was offered ten years ago. If you wanted to find a Nissan Quest, you are out of luck. If you want to find a rival racer, that's out of luck as well. This is because all but the smallest niche car models are gone from Nissan.

There is one manufacturer that has a whole stable of hot vehicles right now, and that is Ferrari. In fact, there is a whole row of cars that start with the letter R, starting with the Lamborghini Diablo.

Right now, there is a replacement for the Lamborghini Diablo with a more powerful engine, a more aggressive style of bodywork, and a more aggressive style of handling. It also uses a rear air dam, front grille, and unique front valence. The new name is the Ferrari Enzo.

Last but not least, we have another automaker that offers some excellent cars under the Renault's umbrella. That company is Chrysler. The first two letters of their model name are R. Their cars are usually small, four-door sedans, with some being full-sized. What is unique about these cars is the fact that they use Chrysler parts instead of Ford parts. Two letters later, in the shape of a rectangle, the name is changed to Rufus.

This is only a brief look at the history of names that start with R. If you have any questions, they can be asked by emailing us. We will try to answer them as best we can, but reserve all rights to express any opinions. In the meantime, feel free to check our other car sections.

Our most popular car models start with the letter R. The choice of name for the next model will be determined by what appeals to you. Are you looking for a small car, a full-size car, a sports car, a convertible, or another type of vehicle? We'll help you decide!

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