How Are QR Codes Used On Business Cards?

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As much as we hate to admit it, we often waste time and money creating business cards with key information about who we are and what we do, only for customers to throw them away

How Are QR Codes Used On Business Cards?

As much as we hate to admit it, we often waste time and money creating business cards with key information about who we are and what we do, only for customers to throw them away or forget about them. This is not because they have found a better person for the job at hand. It's not that he doesn't have the required skills; it's that cards are often simply thrown away because they don't stand out or stand out from the crowd.

But there is a solution: scannable Qr code maker on business cards, like the vCard Plus QR Code.

QR codes on business cards: the basics

For those unfamiliar with them, QR codes are black and white boxes that resemble white noise, and have three squares at the top right, left, and bottom left.

They are designed to be able to be scanned with almost all smartphones and only require users to access a QR scanning application, which most will already have installed from other occasions.

These codes can frequently be found on food packaging and advertisements of all kinds. They can also be a powerful tool for professionals. In fact, savvy creative’s have been using them for years, and there are plenty of reasons why you should follow their lead.

How adding QR codes to business cards can make a world of difference to job seekers

The biggest advantage of using scannable codes on business stationery is its ability to instantly direct contacts where you want them to go. Here are the top 5 reasons to improve your chances of finding a job by using QR codes:

1. Direct link to an online resume.

You can link from your LinkedIn profile to a web page created with Wix, or use a PDF QR code. QR codes on business cards can redirect people directly to any of these spaces.

2. Show off your creations.

If you're a professional in a creative field like animation, graphic design, or illustration, a scannable code can alert contacts to your unique skills, something conventional cards might not.

3. Convince contacts that you are willing to try something different.

When you're job hunting, this can be an unrivaled asset.

4. Include a QR code on your resume.

This could reinforce the content of your resume, linking it to projects, references, or any other relevant material.

5. Make your card impossible to forget.

Business cards are usually pretty generic stuff, but adding QR codes provides an eye-catching visual element that's hard to ignore.

Promote your small business by using QR codes on business cards

Small business owners can also benefit from scannable codes on business cards, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Imagine that you are handed the card of a landscaping company. If you can scan the code on this card and use the video QR code to show off the beautiful designs the company has created, you'll be much more likely to search for it, right?

Marketing video content, blogs, and websites are great ways to personalize your business while bonding with potential customers. But getting customers to access that content is a challenge. Scannable codes avoid this problem with an elegant and simple solution.

Get inspired and create the most impressive business cards you have ever seen

Given the advantages, adding QR codes to business cards seems easy. Or at least it's worth a try. And there are many ways to do it, allowing you to draw on your marketing knowledge to find a method that suits your industry.

Some dare and choose to add just their name and a QR code with a frame. In this way, customers are forced to scan the code to get more information. The idea is to make them curious about what the code hides, so these types of cards tend to have a higher scan rate.

For creative’s, you may want to link your YouTube account using a social media QR code or video QR code. Others keep the code separate from the rest of their main graphics, allowing them to focus on adding color and visual appeal while reaping the benefits of the code. It really depends on you.

Create the right business card for your needs with QRCode chimp

Business cards can become a mandatory element in the professional field. If you've ever wondered if you're getting the most out of your business stationery, QR codes may be the answer.

At QRCode chimp, we provide the tools professionals need to create stunning business cards. If you're feeling inspired and want to give it a try, there's no better way to get started than by downloading our printing and design guides.

Check them out and give our app a try. Soon you will get clients and hundreds of offers.

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