How To Choose The Right Wooden Poles For Windows?

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A wooden curtain pole is a fashionable and fashionable way to display and hold curtains. We've put together this guide for you if you're trying to find the best wooden curtain pole for your home, but are having difficulty deciding what to buy.

How To Choose The Right Wooden Poles For Windows?

Our buying guide provides detailed information about the best chunky wooden curtain poles for your needs and how to achieve a Pinterest-worthy window. We'll explain everything you need to know about finding the best-matched style and the right size.

What Is The Best Way To Choose A Wooden Curtain Pole?

The choice of the right wooden curtain pole can be challenging, so we have put together this guide to help you.

Find out about the different types, colours, shapes, and sizes of wooden curtain poles and how to cut and care for them once you have made your purchase by browsing the sections below.

Opt for the right style

If you have chrome light fittings or door handles in the room you wish to dress, a shiny chrome curtain pole would be a great match. Perhaps black wooden curtain poles with an oak or pine finish would be more appropriate for a setting that is more traditional or has a more country or cottage-style feel to it. Colour or period style can also be a consideration when choosing your curtain poles, such as a contemporary matte white finish or an antiqued crackle paint finish.

Choose the Right colour scheme

Today, wooden curtain poles are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. A few natural shades of wood were available in the past, and curtain poles were mainly associated with country-style homes. Today, many options are available in terms of colours and finishes, so wooden curtain poles can match any décor, be it modern, contemporary, or retro.

Additionally, wooden curtain poles are a great way to add texture and warmth to your decor, whether traditional or modern, in a way that may not be possible with a metal curtain pole. 

Choosing right size is the key

Next, determine the size of your wooden curtain pole based on the style and colour you want. It is important to determine the pole's length as well as thickness before you order your curtains so they are the right length and thickness for your window.  

To find the right size, measure the length of the window frame & add 8 inches to it. As for the diameter of the poles, choose according to the weight of the curtains. For instance, if the curtains are heavier, choose the poles that are big enough to bear their weight. 

Practical Considerations

A metal curtain pole or a wooden curtain pole can be chosen depending on practical considerations. Depending on the intended use, you will have to take into account factors such as the weight of the curtains and the space limitations for the curtain pole. Or you may just need to pay attention to the type of curtain heading you choose.

Is the bracket the same on both wooden and metal curtain poles?

As soon as curtains are installed onto wooden curtain poles, the brackets usually disappear behind the curtain heading. When the curtains are open, a curtain pole's central bracket is usually all that is visible, so the brackets are typically made of wood to complement the colour and finish of the pole itself. 

In most cases, wooden curtain pole brackets are turned to give them a pleasing, though not overly decorative look, again complementing the pole itself. Metal plates and attached pins are used to strengthen them, but once the brackets are installed, the steel parts are no longer visible.


Brackets are typically made of either a single piece wooden cup or two pieces of wood. Cup style brackets allow the curtain pole to fit securely into the cup of the bracket and sit on top of it. A secure fixing screw is then used to fasten the curtain pole into place. Two of the wooden brackets form the two-part system. 

One half is mounted on the wall and the other is attached to the curtain pole. A fastening screw is used to secure the curtain pole bracket into the receiving portion of the wall bracket.

Wrapping Up

Our advice has hopefully made your decision a bit easier; however, remember that when it comes to curtain and curtain pole purchases, it is ultimately your choice to make. Our goal is to help you make an informed choice, but it is ultimately yours to make.


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