Diablo 4 Season 1 Class Tier List After Patch 1.1 - Which Class to Choose for Leveling and Endgame

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Let's dive into this Diablo 4 Season 1 class tier list and find out which class suits you best.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Class Tier List After Patch 1.1 - Which Class to Choose for Leveling and Endgame

Diablo 4 Season 1 has arrived with patch 1.1, bringing some changes to the classes and their abilities. If you are wondering which class to play or which class is the best in Diablo 4 Season 1, this article will rank each class from worst to best based on their leveling and endgame performance. We will also explain the pros and cons of each class and their build options. Let's dive into this Diablo 4 Season 1 class tier list and find out which class suits you best.

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D4 S1 Class - Necromancer (C Tier)

The Necromancer is the lowest-ranked class in this tier list, mainly because of its slow and boring leveling experience. The Necromancer has no mobility skills and relies heavily on bone spear, which is its best ultimate skill that it gets at level 2. There is a blood nova build that can kill Lilith, but it requires a lot of setup and spamming of blood mist to create orbs that explode with spirit damage. Other than that, there is not much variety or flavor for the Necromancer class. You can probably level up to 100 by using only bone splinters and bone spear, but that is not very fun or engaging. The Necromancer is not a great choice for the start of the season.


D4 S1 Class for Leveling - Druid (B Tier)

The Druid is a bit better than the Necromancer, but still not very impressive. The Druid has a slow leveling experience, as it takes a long time to get its damage and mobility skills. You will have to grind until you reach level 30 or 35 to see some improvement, which can be frustrating if you want a fast start. The Druid does have some good build variety and endgame potential, as you can choose from different animal forms and elemental skills. However, the damage is still low compared to other classes, and you will need some good gear to make it work. The Druid is a decent option for the season, but not the best. You can get cheap D4 items to increase your level fast. 


D4 S1 Class to Play - Sorcerer (A Tier)

The Sorcerer is a solid class that has a fast and consistent leveling experience. The Sorcerer can use different elemental skills, such as chain lightning, ice shards, or fireball, to deal high damage and clear enemies quickly. The Sorcerer also has good mobility skills, such as teleport or blink, to move around the map easily. The Sorcerer does have some drawbacks, though, such as having to use the same defensive skills for every build, and lacking some endgame power compared to other classes. The Sorcerer is a balanced and versatile class that can handle any situation.


Best Diablo 4 S1 Class after Patch - Barbarian (S Tier)

The Barbarian is one of the best classes in Diablo 4 Season 1, as it has high damage, high survivability, and high speed. The Barbarian can level up fast by using its powerful skills, such as whirlwind, cleave, or hammer of the ancients. The Barbarian also becomes very mobile once it gets its shouts, such as sprint or battle cry, which boost its movement speed and attack speed. The Barbarian does have some limitations, though, such as having to use three shouts for every build, and having less build variety than other classes. The Barbarian is a great choice for players who like to be in the front line and smash everything in their way.


D4 Patch 1.1 Best Class to Play - Rogue (SS Tier)

The Rogue is the top-ranked class in this tier list, as it has the easiest and fastest leveling experience in the game. The Rogue can use skills such as twisted blades or flurry to deal massive damage to single targets or groups of enemies. The Rogue also has excellent mobility skills, such as dash or shadow step, which allow it to move around the map quickly and dodge attacks. The Rogue does not have any major weaknesses, as it can adapt to any situation with its different weapon types and skill combinations. The Rogue is the best choice for players who like to be fast and lethal.



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