How do I Get Refund From IndiGo airlines ?

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If you have any doubts regarding Indigo Airlines Flight reservation and Manage Booking then you can connect with us through helpline number.

How do I Get Refund From IndiGo airlines ?

All about getting a refund from IndiGo airlines. 

Indigo airlines are one of the best airlines in the world. They are best known for the services they provide to their travelers. Indigo airline passengers always leave the airport with extreme satisfaction after their flight. 

If you booked a flight with Indigo airlines but couldn’t enjoy the services due to specific situations, but couldn’t enjoy the benefits of airlines. So, if you are worried about How do I get refund from IndiGo airlines? Then this article is best made for you to get your refund from IndiGo airlines. The steps to get a refund are mentioned below for you to refer; 

Steps to get a refund from IndiGo airlines. 

  • The initial step of the process is to visit the official website of Indigo airlines. 
  • Click on the “Manage” option on the homepage of the website. 

  • Once the tab is opened, you will have to fill in the required details, such as your last name and your booking id. 

  • Once you get the booking associated with the id, cancel your booking. 

  • After canceling your booking, the website will ask you to avail of the refund. 

  • Agree on requesting your refund and follow the onscreen instructions to submit your refund request.  

  • When your request is submitted and processed, you will be able to receive your refund in your bank account. 

The refund will take at least 7 - 30 working days to reflect in your account as per the IndiGo airlines refund policy. Also, if your booking has been made by a travel agency, you should consult with them regarding your refund. 


If you have any doubts or queries, you should consult with IndiGo airlines as their customer services are in operation 24 hours a day and seven days a week at +1-802-209-2600.

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