How to Get Rid of Sage Error 22665?

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Sage 50 Error 22665 code is a runtime error named as the Sage Peachtree error 22665 frequently sets off while the bookkeeping framework crashes or fizzles. This Sage 50 22665 error could show out of the blue with no advance notice.

How to Get Rid of Sage Error 22665?

In case of a bookkeeping framework disappointment, run-time Errors, which are otherwise called Sage Error 22665, are frequently seen. Any time and without earlier advance notice, the Sage 50 22665 Error message might emerge in your Sage 50 framework. At the point when this Error code message shows up on the screen more than once. 

Normal Peachtree Error 22665 Error Messages

  • "Peachtree Error 22665 Program Error."
  • "Win32 Software Error: Peachtree Error 22665"
  • "Peachtree Error 22665 experienced an issue and will close."
  • "Can't find Peachtree Error 22665."
  • "Peachtree Error 22665 is missing."
  • "Error beginning system: Peachtree Error 22665."
  • "Peachtree Error 22665 not working."
  • "Peachtree Error 22665 ended."
  • "Issue in Software Path: Peachtree Error 22665."

 The moment when the Sage Error 22665 Occurs

  • Security programming forestalling establishment/design.
  • Different projects running forestalling establishment/design.
  • Client Account Control (UAC) empowered.
  • Past establishment of Pervasive or Actian Zen harmed.
  • Harmed establishment records.
  • Security settings on establishment envelope.
  • The PervasiveMin envelope was erased from the establishment organizer.
  • One of the workstations has the program open.
  • Inadequate Windows client privileges (non Admin).
  • VIPRE Antivirus and Firewall can both reason this message to show up and when debilitated, the establishment ought to finish.
  • Have the PSQL Server motor 64 bit introduced

Lets Us go through different Segments which will help Resolve the Sage Error 22665

Segment I: Security programming, security settings, or different projects forestalling establishment

  • Prior to beginning the establishment, debilitate any enemy of infection programming on the PC.
  • It very well might be important to handicap User Account Control, allude to How to impair User Account Control (UAC).
  • It very well might be important to introduce in Selective Startup, allude to How to boot into a particular startup?.
  • Right-click setup.exe, and afterward select Run as manager.
  • Check the security settings on the introduce organizer (default area: C:\Sage\Sage50_[Release]_[Version]) are set so System and Everyone have Full control.

Segment II: Verify right installer is utilized

  • Ensure you are utilizing setup.exe situated in the Install registry for the rendition of Sage you are attempting to introduce.
  • For instance, assuming introducing Version 2022, the catalog would be Sage50_2022_[Version].
  • On the off chance that utilizing another arrangement document found elsewhere, leave the introduce wizard, peruse to the right registry, and double tap setup.exe.

Segment III: Uninstall and reinstall Actian Zen

Note: If you have Sage 50 2020 (or higher) and 2019 introduced one next to the other and need to utilize both, don't eliminate the Pervasive Software organizers, as this might influence the working of the 2019 rendition.'

  • Allude to How to totally eliminate and reinstall Actian (previously Pervasive).

Endeavor the establishment once more.

Segment IV: Windows client privileges

  • Confirm the ongoing client is a Windows nearby chairman; in the event that not, either give the client neighborhood administrator freedoms, or sign in as a nearby administrator.
  • Assuming utilizing a space organization, confirm the ongoing client is both a nearby administrator and an area administrator; 
  • In the event that not, either give the client neighborhood and area administrator privileges, or sign in as a manager that has both.

Segment V: Verify assuming there is a contrary variant of Pervasive or Actian programming

  • From the Control Panel in Windows, open Programs and Features.
  • Uninstall different variants of Pervasive whenever found, it could be recorded as Actian PSQL v12 Server Engine SP1
  • Confirm you can introduce Sage program.

Segment VI: Run the standard establishment from the server

  • Peruse to \\<servername>\PeachtreeInstaller20xx (for instance: PeachtreeInstaller2022).
  • Open Peachw organizer.
  • Open Install envelope.
  • Right-click _Setup.exe and select Run as overseer.

Utilizing Other Methods

For Windows 7:

you might find the rundown of all introduced programs when you click Start and look over your mouse over the rundown that shows up on the tab.

The rundown utility for uninstalling the program.

 Go on and uninstall utilizing utilities accessible in this tab.

For Windows 10:

you might click Start, then, at that point, Settings, then, at that point, pick Apps.

Look down to see the rundown of Apps and highlights introduced in your PC.

Click the Program which is causing the runtime Error, then, at that point, you might decide to uninstall or click Advanced choices to reset the application.


  1. Consider the possibility that I am utilizing 2 adaptations of the product and eliminate one inescapable programming organizer.

Ans. By eliminating the envelope it influences either of the adaptations of Sage 50 in your record. As unavoidable, it is one of the significant pieces of the Sage 50 programming establishment.

2. How to check for the Pervasive form introduced in the framework?

Ans. To check the variant, open the Control Panel, and afterward in the Programs show you get the inescapable record with the name of ActianPSQL v12ServerEngineSP1. By this, you can undoubtedly recognize the Pervasive Actian rendition and afterward in like manner introduce the Sage programming.

3. What is the most ideal way to reinstall Actian in Sage 50 physically?


  • Open the organizer named PeachtreeInstaller20xx
  • Presently open the organizer PervasiveMin
  • Select the Next button Accept the permitting understanding
  • Go the Next tab
  • Select the Run as an assistance choice
  • Choose Finish button.
  • Select the Run as an assistance tab, trailed by the Next choice.
  • Click on the button that says "complete" if fundamental.
  • Select the Next choice.
  • Then the Install choice.
  • Tap on the Finish tab.

Last Words:

For more data about Sage 50 Error 26665, if it's not too much trouble, see the accompanying article: Hopefully, the guidance given here was useful in tending to the Sage Error code 22665 issue you were encountering. Assuming you have any issues, you can continuously reach out to the  Sage Experts group for help.


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