How do you get admission to Georgian National University?

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Georgian National University- SEU is located in the core of Tbilisi - The mega-city and Georgia,s most pleasant capital city

How do you get admission to Georgian National University?

Going abroad for higher education is everyone's dream. But for that, you have to consider everything from matching money to living comfort. In the meantime, many seek the help of an educational counselor, but not everyone can afford it. Feelings of loneliness and lack of guidance can confuse many while opting for higher studies abroad. That's why we bring you how to get admission to Georgian National University.


Before moving on to the admissions process, let's take a look at what programs are available for Masters at Georgian National University. The university offers four programs that are taught in both English and Georgian. Also, they offer two programs for international students in English medium: Business Administration (BA) and MBBS. Georgian National University has four different subjects listed below:


Faculty of Law

Faculty of Business Administration

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Social Sciences


After choosing to study at the Georgian National University, you need to submit an application form, a copy of your passport, and copies of the applicant's current or recent academic record and official transcripts to the International Relations Office via Email.


Upon application, the applicant will have to go through an interview conducted by the faculty member of the selected program, the relevant language expert, and the staff member of the International Relations Office. After successful completion of the interview, an applicant gets informed about the status of the application by the Georgian National University via email by sending a conditional offer letter.


You should note that receiving a conditional offer letter does not guarantee you a place in the program. For the final decision, your documents must be approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, and you must pay the tuition fees.


Before submitting the documents, you must receive the recognition of the documents issued abroad at the National Center for Quality Enhancement of Georgia. Also, all documents must be translated into Georgian and notarized. Applications with an incomplete list of documents will be disregarded.


After reading this, you will get a clear idea about the admission process of Georgian National University.