How do I contact Lufthansa for refund?

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If you are required to contact Lufthansa for refund, then you can contact Lufthansa via phone at 802-532-5150, live chat or email

How do I contact Lufthansa for refund?

Procedure to contact Lufthansa for a refund

Lufthansa is undoubtedly a great airline from Germany. Among all the German airlines, they have made their mark. You only need to be on their website to make the booking or any flight change. So, if you’re thinking, “How do I contact Lufthansa for refund?” Then you would need to follow a two steps process for it. The first is to learn how to cancel. The second, is to know the cancellation policy. 

To know the procedure for the cancellation or flight change, follow the steps below:

  • Go on the official website. 

  • Search Lufthansa on any search engine. Now you’ll be able to come across the direct link to their website. 

  • Click on the button “My booking.” 

  • Enter the code of booking and your name. Now click on the control of “Search flight. 

  • Press enter. 

  • Now you’ll come across your booking. 

  • That is it. Now click on the button “Flight change.” 

  • Now create the changes you want to make, or you can even make the cancellation. 

Before making the cancellation, you’ll be able to find the information, whether it is refundable or not. That is it. You have made the changes or cancellations you wanted to make. 

Lufthansa Refund policy:

  • To avoid the cancellation fee. Make it certain that within 24 hours of booking, you cancel your flight. Then you’re not going to be charged with the cancellation fee. However, there is one more condition you need to follow to avoid the cancellation fee altogether. 

  • The other necessary condition is that you must have made your booking seven days before the departure date. Once you have followed the above two states, you will not be charged the cancellation fee. 

  • If your flight is cancelled by the Lufthansa airline. Then you would get a complete refund of your ticket. 

Hopefully, your query regarding the refund policy of Lufthansa is cleared. So, next time if you face any issues regarding how do I contact Lufthansa for refund. Then you can follow the above-mentioned steps.