How Wikipedia Helps Internet Marketing?

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Wikipedia as a huge encyclopedia can be used to promote and attract businesses on the Internet

How Wikipedia Helps Internet Marketing?

Wikipedia is a publicly accessible multilingual Internet encyclopedia with free content. Created in 2001, the site has achieved tremendous success over many years, becoming the largest and most popular guidebook on the web.

According to many ratings, the encyclopedia is one of the 10 most visited resources in many countries of the world.
Users trust Wikipedia - it's the place where they look for the answers to many questions, learn about important things, and rely on the well-known, always up-to-date and most informative encyclopedia.

But Wikipedia is not only a reference book with educational and scientific articles, but it's also a platform, which can be used for marketing your business on the Internet. But adding information about your company/goods/services is quite difficult and not everyone can do it.

In the same way, Wikipedia is developing and promoting itself online despite its popularity. And one type of promotion and communication with its users is the wiki tweeter page on the social network. Where information and current news is provided.

Why do businesses need to add information about themselves to Wikipedia?
Popular sites with a high frequency of visitors, with a high level of user trust, like Wikipedia, should be used for promotion. Adding a page about your company to the online encyclopedia or writing articles about products/services will bring a number of benefits to your business. You will be able to:

  • Provide users with reliable and complete information about your business, activities, website.
  • Grow prestige, create a good image, improve credibility. Remember that almost everyone trusts Wikipedia, and if the information about your company is in this encyclopedia, then there is no doubt, you are better than competitors who are not written about here.
  • Accelerate website traffic, attract customers through search engines. Wikipedia pages are highly ranked in search results in both Yandex and Google, which means a boost in site clicks will be assured.
  • Get a natural link to your site from a quality, trustworthy site.

The benefits of getting into Wikipedia are there, and what benefits they are! So every business owner, optimizer and marketer should try to add a page about themselves on It will be difficult, but with patience and study of all the nuances, it is worth a try.

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