How To Make Passive Income Online, My Real Experience And Case Study.

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In this blog post, you'll learn about how to make passive income online and get the top 10 passive income ideas that I've used to make money.

How To Make Passive Income Online, My Real Experience And Case Study.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income means you can earn huge money in ethical ways but you don’t need to be very ‘active’ in your work. Again, you have the opportunity to make passive income online by working from your home. But all the methods online will not allow you to earn a lot of money. So today I’m going to discuss Top 5 Passive Income Ideas, where I have already gathered knowledge.

For example, if you sell digital or physical products of a vendor and earn a lot of money as commissions. Then you may create online courses or contents and market them for sale on a specific platform. You even publish some of the content (blog, course, ebook, videos, or an online store) that also generates a lot of passive income.

So, these are just some of the goal-setting income methods that you can earn while you’re sleeping. Or It can be today you worked on something that will give you benefits for a lifetime. So, Just let me talk about “how to make passive income online” in detail.

1. Affiliate Marketing-

I will first tell you about affiliate marketing because I am deeply involved with this passive income idea. And from this idea, It is possible to make quite a large amount of income in a short time, at very fast and in completely ethical ways.

With affiliate marketing, the marketers used the product’s affiliate link of third parties to promote on their website, blog, social media, email, and many different ways if they want. The most popular Affiliate platforms are Amazon and Clickbank partners. Where millions of dollars are transacted every day and most of which are sold at affiliate links.

However, there are also more money affiliate platforms except those that are highly growing day by day. Such as Warrioplus, JVZoo, ClickFunnels, Digistore24, and many more are for digital products. On the other hand, the website named eBay, Shopify, and Aliexpress are among the larger names too for physical products.

Income Streams: When any of your audience clicks on your affiliate link and buys a product using that link, they will pay you a percentage of commissions in the affiliate account. But the commission variant depends entirely on the affiliate networks.

For example, some affiliate networks will provide you a minimum of 50% up to 80% commissions and some of the affiliate networks will enable you to bank a maximum of 20% commissions in total.

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2. Start a Dropshipping Store-

At present, Dropshipping is one of the most profitable online businesses in the internet world. Even though I am also involved in the Shopify Dropshipping business. So I can say that Shopify Dropsipipping is much popular to business people, as much popular to customers. Not only Shopify but ‘Oberlo’ & ‘Amazon’ are also the biggest part of the dropshipping business.

With Dropshipping Business, you can easily find trending products from the marketplace (‘Shopify’, ‘Oberlo’ & ‘Amazon’) and sell them online to people all over the world. Moreover, you need to create a store with these trending products. In this case, you can read a little problem with product niche but dropshipping allows all the niche for working with.

Income Streams: How much money you’ll make in dropshipping business, depends on you. This means you are doing Dropshipping with Amazon products and you will sell the products to your audience. In this case, the extra money, you will add with the price of the product’s original price + shipping cost, is your income.

For example, $50 (Amazon product price) + $10 (Shipping Cost) + $40 (You have added this money as extra to make income). So, the customer will pay $100 and you will earn $40 as passive income.

3. Selling Information Products-

one of the most demandable and passive income ideas is the ‘selling information products’ on e-learning networks. Such as an e-book, or an audio or video course, then monetize them in an income stream from the sale of your product. So, this is a very simple and ethical way to make passive income online.

However, there are also many e-learning sites or course sites in the internet space, such as: Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, and Many More. Which network allows you to distribute and sell your own courses keeping a very low charge from your income.

With information products, it is a very simple process if you can invest a little money in something. However, you have to pay close attention to create product quality and professional information products.

Otherwise, you should go to freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork and you should hire someone at a low cost to create a professional product. Then publish them on specific e-learning or course sites. On the other hand, you can also create an e-learning website and publish them there.

Income Streams: If you have better knowledge of something then you can sell it by doing a complete video tutorial or professional ebook on it. Or you hire someone from Fiverr or Upwork to create an awesome book cover at a low price and sell the book at your added prices. That enables you to keep a big figure of income.

4. Just Run a Blog-

At present, the most popular passive income flows and streams actually come from blogging. Because blogging has helped entrepreneurs to earn passively through affiliate links, sponsored posts, Adsense, and many more sources.

It is true that blogging can take a lot of work to build a successful blog. But one of the most sustainable ways to make a passive income is by encouraging your audience through organic and social traffic or by creating email lists.

In the beginning, it is usually too hard and almost not possible to get income from blogging. But once the income starts coming, you can make the income permanent for a lifetime.

Income Streams: If you just want to make money using AdSense, it can easily be $ 500 to $ 1000 at the end of the month. But it depends on your visitor quantity and the country of your visitors. This is because the American Continent has the highest income for the audience but the European continent has the lower than the American Continent. Even less income comes for the audience in Asia.

Again, If you promote affiliate offer links, that also enables you to generate a lot of affiliate commissions. Besides sponsored posts, guest posts, and many ways to generate your income.

5. Start To Create An App-

Today, you can build a passive income source and game-changing future with the ‘Create an App’ idea. From today, you can start an online business without having any idea of creating an app.

Now you can ask me how. But do you know the demand for apps is increasing day by day and even so on in the future? OR Even those who are making thousands of dollars don’t know how to create apps?

Yes, this is completely true. Even, many people are also earning thousands of dollars at the end of the month without having any knowledge of creating an app.

It’s just okay you don’t know how to create and design an app. It’s not required now at all. If you have some money to invest in this business. Yes, just simply go to Fiverr Or Upwork network, then hire someone to develop your app as per your client’s requirements.

Or, there is also much software that enables you to create an app by just pressing a click. You can find some products in my reviews that are perfect for you.

Income Streams: If you have to have better knowledge of it. You just hire a developer for $100-$200 from the freelancing sites. Then, this app sells to your client for $700- $1000. In where you can keep $500 passive money easily by doing nothing.

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