Your BFF Guy Sees You More Than A Best Friend

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9 Subtle Hints Your BFF Guy Throws At You If He Sees You More Than A Best Friend

Your BFF Guy Sees You More Than A Best Friend

So, your guy best friend has been acting weird lately? You ask him umpteen times if anything is wrong but he leaves you with a lifeless response, "Nothing."

It's a lie!

For all the times he has been acting crazy and doing things a little unusually, these might be subtle signs that he is falling for you. And if you have been getting the slightest of hints but could not really tell, do not ignore them.

Usually, guys are easy to figure out but when it comes to love, women are not so sure. Although he leaves some subtle signs we just don't notice them. If you start paying attention to the signs then you will know that he has a crush on you. So why does not he confess it? Because he fears rejection and also values friendship way more to risk it.

Take the guide to determine if he has begun walking the other road:

1. He initiates

If a guy likes you, he would do all possible things to stay as close to you as he can. He will initiate conversations even if it is just saying a 'Hi'. But there are some guys who are shy, but nonetheless, even they will muster up the courage to make plans to go out with you just to spend some time.

2. He feels happy to see you

'I m so glad you are here', if this is what he says when he meets up with you then he genuinely has a crush on you. Would not you light up when your crush walks in? It is the same for him. His heart rate probably spikes up when you smile at him and say hi.

3. He wants to Hang Out with you...Alone!

Now he is no more the one monkey-ing around with you carefree. He chooses long walks with you instead of get togethers and crazy bashes. The deep conversations have a higher ratio than fun conversations.

4. The Accidental Touching

Let me illustrate. You ask for a pen from him and that he could have passed on without ado but he held the pen through the length just so that he could slightly feel you while you take it, oblivious of everything.

5. He has suddenly become a world class comedian

If he has the hots for you, he will be as comfortable as he can with you. He also wants you to be at ease with him and that is why he will crack silly jokes and have a good laugh with you. If he laughs at your silly mistakes but does not hurt your feelings then that is the clue that he likes you.

6. He shows Concern...Hell Lot of It!

He takes the pain to fix things for you. He is serious about wanting to see you happy and goes out of the way to do that. No guy invests time and energy just like that.

7. He makes an effort to look good

Men are as equally bothered about their looks as women. Just like women would not leave the mirror until they get the perfect winged eyeliner, guys too would not until they don't perfect their hairs. They want to look good and also feel like they are on cloud nine when you compliment them.

8. He reminds you that He likes your Company

He tries to slip it in the conversations that there is no one who understands him better than you. He values the friendship and fears losing your company.

9. Your instincts are telling you

A girl's instinct is never wrong, mostly. When your mind keeps on hinting at you that his behavior is more than friendly and his comfortableness around you makes you question his feelings towards you then probably he does like you. But if you are still having a hard time figuring it out then you should probably wait for him to be out with it.


If you have seen any other signs and can't wait telling over it, feel free to comment below.


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