You will totally relate to these 7 things if you are a lazy person

Posted 6 years ago in LIFE STYLE.

Do you know being lazy is genuinely a lifestyle; laziness is truly an art form. Are you lazy too? Do you enjoy being lazy? Here are few things that you will completely relate to if you are a lazy person:

You will totally relate to these 7 things if you are a lazy person

    1.Sunday is your favourite day

You have mastered the art of doing literally nothing on Sunday. You truly love Sunday because it boosts up your energy for rest of the week. You forget every work on this special ‘made for you’ day.

  1. 2.You like to ditch at last moments to rest

You know blanket is your best friend and you love relaxing at your bed every time instead of going out with friends or family. Your blanket is calling you, you should drop every plan and relax yourself.

  1. 3.You hate your alarm clock the most

The only thing you hate in your world the most is your alarm clock. It wakes you with its irritated sound. It reminds you of your daily works due to which you need to leave your bed. Oh God!

  1. 4.Pyjamas Forever And Always

You like to wear pyjamas from friends’ get together to family functions. Pyjamas are the most comfortable clothes in the world. You have drawers full of them, and you wish you could incorporate them into your main wardrobe.

  1. 5.Laziness and important things on time

Everyone knows you are lazy as heck. How do you manage to do the things on time is the ultimate question everybody asks you, be it your important projects to small things.

  1. 6.Procrastination

You sometimes delay the things.There are some highs and lows when it comes to being lazy. While you're all for taking the good with the bad, you grow from it either way. Procrastination has become your ally anyway.

  1. 7.Three mantra of your life: Eat, Relax, And Repeat

You love to eat. You love to relax. After relaxing yourself you think of eating again. After eating, your body needs rest. That is all you live for. That’s why laziness is an art in itself.