How Long Does TUI Take to Refund?

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Call the official helpline number of TUI airlines to get the information about How Long Does TUI Take to Refund. You can also read the blog for more details.

How Long Does TUI Take to Refund?

When a passenger wants to claim their refund, but you don’t know how to get a refund so you can use multiple available options, and you also don’t know how long does TUI refund takes? For this, you can use the multiple options, and you will be able to know that also. These multiple options are available on the website you can use through your phone or laptop. According to your query, these multiple options will give you the best possible solutions. When you apply for a refund, you know about the refund policy.

Refund Policy

  • If you purchase a non-refundable ticket, you cannot apply for a refund.
  • When a passenger purchases a refundable ticket so you can apply for the refund, and you will get your refund in your payment mode.
  • If you cancel your ticket within a few hours of departure and apply for a refund, you don’t get any refund from the airlines.
  • If you apply for a refund, you will get your refund within 14 days.

Multiple Options to Take Refunds

Option1: Contacting Airlines

When a passenger wants a refund from the airline so they can contact customer service, if you don’t have a TUI customer service phone numberyou can follow the processor, and you will get the official number of the airline. You have to visit the website and click on the contact us option. You will get the official number of airlines.

Option2: Apply for a refund

 If you want a refund from airlines, you can apply online. Follow the steps: 

  1. Visit the official website and click on my bookings.
  2. Enter the details required.
  3. Click on the refund option.
  4. You will get the confirmation mail and text message where you can track your refund status.

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