How Can I Get Hold of British Airways?

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Call the Official Helpline number of British Airways to get the information of get hold of British Airways. You can go to its official website to connect its customer care support.

How Can I Get Hold of British Airways?

How Can I Get Hold of British Airways?

When you try to get hold of someone at an airline company, you are essentially looking for a support executive. British Airways always take great pride in being the epitome of customer satisfaction and always coming up with new ways to appease the general passenger base. If you need to get hold of British Airways, you just need to get the contact number and ring the support team. 

Connecting with the BA support team

At this airline, the customer support team is available 24/7, and you will always find someone when you connect through these channels. 

Phone Call:

  • The airline gives its passengers many contact options. 

  • Go to the official website, and reach the support section. 

  • Note down the required number and make the call.

Online Message:

  • The support page hosts a variety of messaging services for the passengers to choose from. 

  •  You may select the live chatting option to chat with a support agent, or you may select the automated chat option to get automated replies as per your selections. 

  • You can ask the automated chat to connect you with a live agent as well. 


  • Apart from the British Airways customer care number, email is also a great option to connect. 

  • The support page has different departments for different queries.

  •  When you reach this page, you can select the email id which best suits your issue, and you can send your queries/complaints to the given address.

Online Forms:

  • The support page holds the link for submitting the query form.

  • Reach the support page, and open the form link.

  • Fill in your contact details and put down your query and submit it.

You can expect your issue to get resolved within a few days. 

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