Your Dark Complexion

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10 Things You Can Do When People Ask You To ‘Do Something' About Your Dark Complexion

Your Dark Complexion

Dusky skin makes one look muddy.Those men who say they don't like fair skinned women are lying. 

Remember the lessons you are learning and getting to know the true colours of others. Trust, Friendship, Marriage, Commitment, Love - all these will not see colour. May be that is why we say Love is Blind.

Here are some illustrations: 

Don't get your nose pierced. You will look like a kaamwali.

Image result for Don't get your nose pierced. You will look like a kaamwali.

What to say: You should meet my 'kaamwali'. She looks fine.

It is high time you start taking care of your skin. You are growing up.

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What to say: I am growing up, but you don't seem to be.

How are you so dark when your parents are so fair?

Image result for you so dark when your parents are so fair

What to say: Same reason why your heart is so dark when you are so fair.

Have you been drinking tea? That is why you are so dark.

Image result for dark woman drinking tea

What to say: Have you been sniffing glue? Is that why you are so delusional?

Oh my God, how did you get such a fair boyfriend?

Image result for dark gf with fair bf

What to say: Because he does not care about the amount of melanin by body secrets. But you clearly seem to.

Hey, take this mixture of flour and milk and put it on your face. Your skin will get lighter.

What to say: Can you add some eggs, sugar, baking powder and chocolate and bake it? I would much rather have that.

You are so dark. How will your parents find a man for you?

What to say: I am so sorry, I didn’t hear you. Was texting my boyfriend.

Hey, I am not switching off the light, so that we can still see you. Ha ha. Just Kidding.

What to say: I am switching off my brain so that I can't hear you. Ha Ha. I am not kidding.

Don't go out and play in the sun. You will get darker!

Image result for dark woman in sun

What to say: Yes, I am dark but no one can stop me to explore the world.

Is your favourite Goddess Kali Ma?

What to say: Yes, she is. I loved how she beheaded the people who underestimated her rage.


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