How do I Contact Someone at Facebook Customer Support?

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If you are a fan of social media and like to use it in your spare time, you will be aware of the influence of Facebook over the youth. Due to its increasing users and constant updates, people face a lot of problems in many features of Facebook. If you are also facing some kind of issue in

How do I Contact Someone at Facebook Customer Support?

In case you are likewise confronting some sort of issue in the application, you can get the arrangements in this article. 

In case you will contact Facebook by telephone, you can follow the recorded advances:

  • Open Google chrome or any search engine
  • Search for Facebook official calling number
  • Among the numbers of USA, Australia, and Canada, Choose your region
  • Press Call

If you do not succeed contacting them by phone, you can choose among the 3 options given below:

  1. Complaints/ Feedback: You can select this option if you want to send any feedback or complaint.
  2. Customer Service:This option can be picked for all the queries related to Facebook
  3. General Info: If you want to get the general information about Facebook, you can opt for this


After selection any of the above option, you will be required to follow the steps below;

  • On your screen, you will find a form
  • Fill in your Email Id
  • Enter the subject and content
  • Tick the box to accept the terms of services
  • Click on proceed

You can use above choices to Contact Facebook client assistance yet there are chances of not getting answer because of substantial call demands. For this situation, you can find your solutions through robotized reactions.

Other alternate options with procedure are given below:

  • Open Facebook on your phone
  • Locate the question mark in the circle at the right corner
  • After clicking it, you will have different options in the menu
  • Choose Report a Problem

There are a lot of feedbacks sent to Facebook by its users so possibility of getting a reply is less.

You can also choose "Help Center” where frequently asked questions are already answered. You can ask your own question also. To do that, you need to follow the guidelines written below:  

  • Once you log in to Facebook, locate the question mark symbol
  • After clicking it, select help center from the menu
  • Choose Ask a Question from the next page in the right corner
  • Select your topic and click on Post
  • Hit Support box to see the response of the posted issue.

Other social media platforms can also be used to contact Facebook if you aren’t able to contact Facebook by phone.

  • You can mention Facebook’s twitter handle and post your problem.
  • On Instagram also, you can tag them stating your issue.

Facebook has tried to answer most of the common issues asked by its user. If you are facing the basic problem, you can check the answers in the app with the help of the given ways. For detailed clarification, you can always Contact Facebook customer support.