How Long Does It Take for ANA Refund?

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Call the Helpline number : +44-203-514-1052 or read the more information about ANA airlines refund policy. You can visit its official website for assistance.

How Long Does It Take for ANA Refund?

How Long Does It Take for ANA Refund?

ANA is also known as All Nippon Airways, the largest airways, and has a five-star rating for providing the best services. The airlines provide international and domestic flights with the most reliable services. The airlines also provide the best services when it comes to cancellation and refund of the flight ticket.

ANA airlines refund policy

  • As per the 24-hour airlines' policy, if you cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours of the flight booking, you'll be liable to get the full refund of your ticket amount. Provided the bookings were made at least one week before the scheduled departure.

  • However, after 24 hours of the flight, if you make any changes to your flight ticket, some will be deducted from your flight ticket amount. After that, you'll get a refund of the remaining amount.

  • If you have canceled your flight ticket due to some medical condition, you'll also get a refund of your total amount. However, you must provide the necessary documents as proof to get a refund.

  • If there is a significant delay of more than 2 hours in your scheduled flight booking or the airlines cancel your flight, or you opt for the cancellation, you'll be liable to get the full refund on cancellation.

Process of Refund from ANA 

  • Get onto the 'Manage Booking' section mentioned on the official website of ANA.

  • Fill out the PNR number and the passenger's last name and click on 'Submit.'

  • Follow the cancellation process and make the payment for the same, if applicable.

  • After completing the cancellation process fill out the refund form to get a refund from ANA airlines through your original mode of payment.

 You can get to the customer care services of the airlines for any related help with the process of cancellation and refund.

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