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Something you must know about relationship with women...


  The phrase sounds like shit, especially about “your woman”. What is this some kind of household equipment? The first thing you need to remember is that a woman cannot be “yours”. She sleeps with you, spends her time and so on because she “wants” it, this is her decision but not because she “belongs” to you. From this it naturally follows that if you want her to go on sharing the bed with you, you have to make it so that she’d want it.

So your main task comes to pick-up and seducing her. On the one hand, in the process of your communication the task becomes simpler (the woman is more receptive toward you, her primary fears fade away), on the other, there appear a whole set of interfering factors. She might find something in you she considers a repulsive feature or she might start having acoustic hallucinations and start hearing a Mendelssohn’s march (I doubt that you want it too, right?), or... somebody else might take your place in her heart. We are going to sort out the last case.

First of all, let’s settle the natural question “what the hell for?” It seems like you always can find somebody else instead of her... there are many women after all. The answer in my opinion is just as natural – “because I want to.” Women are not similar. Sometimes the efforts spent to find an equal substitution start exceeding the efforts spent to maintain your status quo.

So, as far as I can see we have the following ways:

1) MLTR – when it’s openly established between you two that you just “date, spend time together, have sex and at the same time you don’t protest if someone of you sleeps with somebody else”. It’s a kind of an open economics analogy when you just don’t have enemies at all. Thus the “danger” that a woman leaves you for somebody else is eliminated in the bud, there’s no sense in leaving you. However, this is rather a complicated thing in production, it’s quite uneasy in support and has only one shortcoming – a woman may fall in love with somebody else and wish to stay only with that guy. And we are left again before the set task.

2) “Building walls” in the spirit of what most people do. Jealousy, shadowing, frightening other males away. Negative respond if she suggests that you should go to some public place (like a club) together – sure! a place full of other men! – or (God forbid!) let her go somewhere alone.

You should remember though that fortresses and fortifications had died out with the artillery inventionJ. You won’t be able to follow the woman all 24 hours a day even if she lives with you. I’m not talking about the case if you just “date”... More than that such a tactics may cause her repulsive reaction. A revolt! When a woman so much “guarded” by you goes to a club she will spread her legs for somebody else out of the spirit of contradiction. The spirit of contradiction is a powerful thing.

3) And at last you have to think who may be engaged in this guarding. Who spends all 24 hours by her side and who can look after her?

Right – this is HERSELF. Let’s remember a natural women’s quality which makes them take most men’s courting but they will be completely happy if they know that they have one best man waiting for them. The evolutionary grounds for this phenomenon are clear. Now let’s talk about how you can be this “best” one.

  Every woman,no matter where she is from online video chat with girls or from the street,has her needs!

  Except for the desire of sex there must be some other needs. Find them out and make sure that you satisfy all of them or at least those which are of greater importance or else she would have to search for a man who’d be able to fulfill them. I’m talking about emotional needs. Dig there! Find out whether she wants a “tough” guy, a reckless pepper capable of riding at night with his lights off along the unfamiliar highway. Or she needs tenderness and care? Or both? Or something else? Find it, examine the market and be the best supplier. Remember that the situation in the market tends to change.

 Competition is the best means to spur you on. The evidence degree of such a competition should be considered in each particular case just like clearing up to what degree she considers you to be “her” man. But the general principal is as follows – she must realize the instability of her state. But just don’t overdo – she may refuse to make her deposit into an instable and risky business. One more time – you have to examine each particular case carefully.

 Regulate how much she will feel “belonging” to you. Any deviations may lead to breaking up. Press harder – see point 2. If she feels more free than she expects to be she will start checking the limits of this liberty trying to provoke your jealousy (you know how?). She’s curious to know how much you really need her.

Always stay interesting and incomprehensible for her. Being predictable kills feelings.

Teach her to share her fantasies with you (at least sexual), realize them if possible and make up new ones.


A more developed material – tell her (or even show it to her!) about the way women are being pick-upped. Let her know that you are good at it. Since that moment she will unwillingly compare every pick-upper to you. And if you do everything right – it will hardly be in their favor. She will watch awkward attempts of other guys to get her phone number with a smile. If she tells you about it – fine, you will have a chance to hem and say with a serious face what was wrong with what that guy was doing. But just don’t pay to much attention to this “trifle”.

And again, remember that a woman cannot be “yours”. Even if she considers herself “your” woman you are the one to understand that SHE’S HERE BECAUSE SHE HAS DECIDED SO. As soon as she changes her mind – she won’t be there no longer. It’s simple.


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