You are short and Your Girl is tall

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8 things you will relate to if you are short and your girl is tall

You are short and Your Girl is tall

You can't escape your generes, my dear girl.

That means you will be very, very tall. Not quite America's Next Top Model tall, or WNBA tall, but more like "stuck in the back of every class photo" tall, or "Can you reach the soup on that top shelf for me, dear?" tall. This will not be the social coup you think; like your parents, you may endure your share of taunts and nastiness, with the promise of "someday you will appreciate being tall" to carry you through.

As you continue your upward trajectory, here are a few things you can expect:

1. First off, everyone reminds you that you are short.

"You're so tiny!" people say, for literally no reason at all, as though you can't just look in the mirror and identify your own height.

2. Your girl will have to either squat or sit down for group photos.

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If she is the only tall person in the group then when it comes to photos she has to move herself to be everybody else's height. Whether this be bending your knees to a half squat or sitting on the front row otherwise her head gets chopped out the photo. 

3. Hugging can be awkward.

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Hugging can be a real sticky situation if you are hugging anybody smaller because they get a face full of boob. Any nobody wants a face full of boob, especially your grandma. It gets better if the person is tall enough for your arms to wrap around each other but just be wary whenever you hug someone as things will become awkward. Something everyone gets if she is your tall girl.

4. You have to walk twice as fast as your tall girl.

Whenever she walk "briskly," you have to break into a full sprint. You could probably run a marathon with all the hours you have put in.

5. You will experience a series of minor disappointments.

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You will outgrow your tricycle after only riding it once. You would not be able to go on kiddie rides at the amusement park. Your gymnastics career will be short-lived. That purple jacket you loved now ends a full three inches above your wrist. No one will want to give you piggyback rides.

6. You will stand out in a crowd.

When it comes to being in a crowd your head will always stand out way below others. This means there is no chance in you to be seen a mile away. At least when you are at a festival or concert you will have the worst view.

7. People will think her are older than she is.

She stomped around ridiculously in her pigtails and overalls, lamenting her "hard knock life," while she looked old enough, than me, to be legally emancipated.

8. When you are driving, the steering wheel is basically in front of your face.

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Otherwise, you would npt be able to reach the pedals. Thanks, auto industry!


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