WooCommerce Made Simple - Cliowebsites

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The majority of users struggle to figure out how to begin with WooCommerce and the best method to setup WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Made Simple - Cliowebsites

Do you wish to begin an eCommerce business with WooCommerce? Do you need a WooCommerce tutorial simple to follow for non-technical users? If yes, then you're in the right spot.

WooCommerce is the most well-known eCommerce platform. It's flexible affordable, cost-effective, and simple to operate even for those who are new to the field.

But, many newbies feel at times a little nervous about installing WooCommerce their own. The majority of users struggle to figure out how to begin with WooCommerce and the best method to setup WooCommerce.

In this comprehensive WooCommerce tutorial, we'll show you how to install WooCommerce by providing step-by-step directions. We will also offer WooCommerce-related resources, including the best WooCommerce themes, SEO tricks, and other helpful resources to help you increase the number of customers you have in your business.


What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a completely free eCommerce software that makes it simple for selling services and products online. Through the time, it has grown to become the most well-known eCommerce platform utilized by thousands of large and small companies (online retailers).

WooCommerce is designed as an extension to WordPress that is the largest and most well-known website builder available. This lets users build an eCommerce website from scratch, or include shopping cart functionality on already current WordPress website.

Since it is an open-source program, WooCommerce is free to download and to use. Although the WooCommerce program is free however, you will require the domain name and hosting service to create your website, which will cost the money. We'll go into more detail about the pricing of WooCommerce in the next article.

WooCommerce Review + Pros and Cons Comparison

WooCommerce has grown to be the most well-known eCommerce software on the planet because it's simple to learn for newbies and has highly robust capabilities.

Since WooCommerce is an open-source software It is not just completely free however, you also have total control and freedom of you eCommerce website.

Contrary to other eCommerce platforms with proprietary pricing WooCommerce's pricing doesn't contain licensing fees. This means that you can make as many eCommerce and online store websites as you wish.

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plug-in built on the top of WordPress This means that you can benefit from the full range of features of the WordPress website as well. Read our complete WordPress review to find out the more details about WordPress.

There are thousands of gorgeous WooCommerce themes and designs you can pick from when you are ready to launch your online store. Each one offers easy-to-use customization options and a lot of them are no cost.

One of the major reasons business owners love WooCommerce is its versatility. It is possible to add more features to WooCommerce with the help of different WooCommerce plugins (also called add-ons). There are hundreds of WooCommerce-specific plugins which you can utilize to expand its functionality and include features such as subscriptions, booking integrations with shipping platforms and sales tax collection and more.

Apart from the add-ons designed specifically for WooCommerce Additionally, you can utilize hundreds of WordPress plugins to your site to include features such as Contact forms, Call me now buttons galleries, backup of data as well as security firewalls.

Another benefit of WooCommerce, is that it imposes no restrictions on the way you manage your business.

You can include unlimited products create unlimited sales, import and export data about products Add unlimited images of products video categories, and much more.

Paying online for online transactions is a major obstacle for many people. For these users the primary advantage of Shopify-level WooCommerceis the fact that it can integrate seamlessly with a variety of payment gateways and services.

It supports by default PayPal and Stripe right out of the gate. It is possible to use a variety of additional payment gateways with extensions. There are integrations for a few lesser-known more regional gateways.

Do you want to know how WooCommerce compares to other well-known eCommerce platforms? Check out the following comparisons to see how it compares to the other platforms.

What Do You Need to Make a WooCommerce Store?

You'll need the three essential items listed below to build the WooCommerce web site completely from scratch.

  • The account is a WordPress hosting account. This is where your website's documents will be kept.
  • The domain is the name of your website. It is the address of your website online e.g. wpbeginner.com
  • An SSL Certificate to securely accept online transactions

The above products aren't free and will cost you money. Many people wonder, if WooCommerce costs nothing, why should I pay for these items.

It is important to be able to pay for these three items for the construction of any website (not only WooCommerce).

The total cost of the online shop (WooCommerce prices) will be determined by the services you decide to buy for your site. It is easy to control cost by purchasing only what you require.