Complete Guide for Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstones

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Yellow Sapphire is the most faithful and most promising gemstone in all other Navratnas.

Complete Guide for Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstones

Yellow Sapphire is the most faithful and most promising gemstone in all other Navratnas. As per the Hindu Scriptures, they believe Yellow Sapphire Gemstone controls the power of the ruling planet. That's why the Pukhraj is the most favorite Gemstone amongst all the other 9 Gemstones.


As we know that the planet Jupiter (brhaspati) is one of the most notable planets due to its influence and power. Due to the power of the brhaspati, they impact the individual's life that's why it is a very important part of the grah. The Yellow Sapphire brings a massive amount of positive energy and also does wonders if you wear it properly.

Benefits of Pukhraj Gemstone

Yellow sapphire is the most promising and beneficial gemstone out of all the Navratnas, due to the influence and rule by the brhaspati (Jupiter), it gives an enhanced power to this gemstone.


Here are some of the  Pukhraj stone benefits


  • Enhances mental clarity
  • Improves social and financial status
  • Boost confidence
  • Controls anger
  • Increases positive energy and spirituality


Enhances mental clarity:-  Wearing Pukhraj helps you to be focused and clear in your life goals, yellow sapphire increases your imagination power and gives a  massive benefit to your mental clarity.


Improves social and financial status:- The spiritual properties of Pukhraj conduct financial stability for the wearer. Pukhraj stone just does not give materialistic wealth but also gives a lavish lifestyle and a strong social network power to the wearer.


Boost confidence:- Pukhraj stone gives a boost to the wearer and enhances confidence, it was advised to wear Pukhraj to those people who lack confidence, majorly the Yellow sapphire is worn by politicians, artists, businessmen, and those people whose job is to satisfy and convince the audience or the clients.


Controls anger:-  A Pukhraj stone reduces the tendency of getting angry and makes him calm down and feel lighter to the wearer. Yellow sapphire also helps to get out of the temporized nature and also helps to increase concentration while doing meditation to connect with your higher self.


Increases positive energy and spirituality:-  Pukhraj has the power to cover its wearer from negative energy and evil desired people. The effect of the Gemstone makes the wearer full of positive vibes and concentrate on their desires and live a happy life. Also, as Hindu culture Pukhraj is ruled by  Jupiter, individualities who are seeking spirituality get the major benefits from the Yellow sapphire.

Way To Find The Original Yellow Sapphire Stone


The Pukhraj is the most populous gemstone in the gem family, As its color attracts towards its, the sparkling yellow catch the eyes.


Here are some ways to test the originality of the Yellow sapphire


  • Stone Warm Test
  • Bubble Test
  • Scratches Test


Stone Warm Test:-.To check that your Yellow sapphire stone is Original or not you should take your Pikhraj in your hand and close your hand if the Yellow sapphire stone feels warm then it is an Original Yellow sapphire stone, and if not feel any change in the temperature so it was a clear indication that your Pukhraj is fake and made up of the synthetic.


Bubble Test:-  The Original Yellow sapphire stone does not have any involvement of any bubbles or any vacant space in the stone as such so it can’t be seen with the naked eye, but if you take your yellow sapphire and see any bubble or you see anything like liquid flowing inside the Gemstone, so its clear that your Yellow sapphire is fake.


Scratches Test:- The Yellow Sapphire is a hard Gemstone, and it was extremely hard that it measured  9.0 on the Moh scale. Moreover, after when you purchase the Pukhraj try to scrub it against hard material if you got any scratches on your yellow Sapphire, so it was fake.

Origins of Yellow Sapphires

There are majorly 3 Origins of Yellow sapphires, which were generally used to wear due to their clarity, color, and quality.


  • Sri Lanka Yellow Sapphire
  • Thailand Yellow Sapphire
  • Burma Yellow Sapphire


Sri Lanka Yellow Sapphire:-  The most popular and demanding Yellow Sapphire is origin in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Yellow Sapphire is the best Gemstone it was untreated as well as Natural Pikhraj that's why the Sri Lanka Yellow Sapphire is most demanding.


Thailand Yellow Sapphire:- Thailand is known for producing some of the best quality yellow sapphires in the world. The Thailand Yellow sapphires are typically bright and vivid, with excellent clarity and cut. It was a rich golden-yellow color, which is highly sought after by gemstones



Burma Yellow Sapphire:- Burma Yellow Sapphire is a highly valued gemstone known for its vivid yellow color, high clarity, and durability, It was the 3 largest supplier of the Yellow Sapphire and due to the purity of the Pukhraj, it was Recorganize as the Corundum mineral family.

Pukhraj Gemstone: Price

Yellow sapphires are not much expensive compare to the other gemstones, and their prices can vary depending on different factors such as their Carat, origin, quality of cut, and intensity of color. yellow sapphires from Ceylon can cost between $400 to $560, while those from Thailand and Bangkok are more affordable, ranging from $65 to $100. Sapphires with a canary yellow shade tone are the most popular and valuable in the international Gemstone market. On average, a 1-carat Pukhraj gemstone price can cost anywhere from $40 to $600.


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