How To Change Netflix Password

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How To Change Netflix Password

Passwords are always an important tool for any accounts or Apps. It is very safe to change your account password at a regular interval and keep it different. If you want to change your Netflix password, then this write-up will help you with this. Netflix is the popular OTT platform. There are two situations when the user changes their Netflix password. One is if the user remembers their account password and another is changing a forgotten Netflix password. Follow the below steps to change Netflix password:

Method -1 If you remember your old password:

  • Open your Netflix account
  • Go to the log-in section and enter your email and password.
  • Now, go to the ‘Membership and Billing’ section
  • Further click on ‘change password’
  • Change password option will open
  • Enter your current password and further enter the new password and confirm it.

Method -2: If you forgot your old password:

If you forgot your Netflix password and trying to change your account password, you can follow some basic steps. If you forgot your password and log out of your account then you need to go to the login page and further click on ‘need help’. Follow the on-screen steps to recover your password. Indeed, if you log on to your account you need to go to Netflix's official site and go to the ‘Change password’ page and click on ‘Forget password’. A new tab will open where you can use your email address or phone number to reset your Netflix password. Moreover, if you forget your email and phone, can enter your full name and the card number that you use to pay your Netflix premium and get a chance to change your Netflix password. Hopefully, all the above information will help you to change your Netflix password. If you still face any further issues to change your Netflix password can contact Netflix service executives.

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