How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account

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How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account

Ways To Recover Disabled Facebook Account

Are your Facebook account getting disabled? But don’t know the reason why your account is disabled? There are two reasons to disable your Facebook account. The first is to disable your account by yourself. Second Facebook disables your account for poking too many people, violating Facebook norms, sending too many messages, joining Facebook with fake names, and many more. Although some people disable their accounts themselves also. If you also disable your account, then follow the below steps to recover disabled Facebook account

Method -1 When you disable your account

  • Open Facebook log-in page 
  • Enter your user I’d like your email or phone number
  • After that, enter your password and click on log-in.
  • Your Facebook account will be reactive.

Method -2: When Facebook disables your account:

  • Visit the Facebook account disabled page. 
  • After that, hit on the 'submit an appeal' button
  • Enter your account 'email address or 'phone number' 
  • Type your name and click on “Choose Files” and upload the picture ID as a supporting document. 
  • By clicking "Additional info" you can also add some more details and send it.

Finally, after Facebook approves your request, you can able to do Facebook account recovery. Generally, Facebook takes 7 to 8 days to process the request. Moreover, if you still can’t recover your account can send an appeal to Facebook to recover your account. 

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