You'll Find Every Type Of Dress At About You DE

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You'll Find Every Type Of Dress At About You DE

You'll Find Every Type Of Dress At About You DE

Whether at weddings, graduation ceremonies, parties, or church celebrations: Festive dresses or even evening dresses are the obligatory companions of women for special occasions. But what about wearing a dress to the office? Is the? The answer is: of course. However, there are a few things to consider here as well, because as already stated: not all dresses are the same.

The list of several important occasions is extensive. 

Whether it's for a wedding, prom, confirmation, communion, or just the next party, picking the appropriate dress is crucial. The clothes you wear on a significant day are not only a personal memory, but it is also frequently photographed. So be cautious when selecting your clothing! Well, you'll find everything at About You DE.

Office outfits

Women no longer have to be crammed into uncomfortable business attire. Various business dresses are fashionable and properly mix features such as professionalism, style, and comfort. Blazers don't have to be paired with pants or skirts because they also come in a long version: the blazer dress. When it comes to developing a proper business style, the turtleneck dress or the sheath dress are also popular choices. In the summer, the blazer dress can be worn with exquisite moccasins or open sandals with a medium-high heels. Tights and closed shoes, such as business pumps, are worn under the Business dress on cool days.

Wedding outfits

The degree to which you may choose the perfect dress for a wedding is very narrow: you want to look amazing, but you can't steal the show from the wedding gown. Bridesmaid gowns are frequently discussed and color coordinated ahead of time. However, what about wedding guest attire? The rule is straightforward and beautiful. A long, subdued evening gown or a knee-length gown with minimal skin exposure is usually a nice choice. To seem elegant, wedding guests should avoid wearing dresses that are excessively short or too flamboyant.

Graduation outfits

Festive gowns are also required for special occasions such as your prom, communion, or confirmation. Your wardrobe expresses the importance and solemnity of your special day, which is why picking the proper garment requires care. Simple floor or knee-length gowns are appropriate for religious festivals.


You have a little more leeway when it comes to academic events, such as your prom. Your prom dress might be long or short, and you can choose whether or not your dress should have multiple applications. Choose a prom dress in your favorite color or a pattern that appeals to you. You have complete control over your footwear selection. Aren't heels your thing? Sneakers and other casual footwear are permitted at the prom. You are the center of attention during your graduation, and your prom outfit can represent your personality on this momentous day.

Party outfits

No lady can escape wearing a gorgeous cocktail dress to a club or a hip bar. The cocktail dress is simple, stylish, and whimsical all at once, making it the ideal companion for times when you want to forget about the stresses of everyday life. The lovely cocktail dress comes in a variety of materials, styles, and colors. You can wear a sequin dress with a bling-bling effect if you want to wear a dress with an eye-catching feature. The sequin dress comes in a variety of lengths and hues. All sequin dresses, however, have the same eye-catching impact because of the glittering sequins.

Discover the popular brands in one place

The number of different outfits from various brands is enormous. ABOUT YOU's online collection includes both sophisticated and casual clothes for every occasion.


s.Oliver, a German clothing company situated in Rottendorf, Lower Franconia, was founded in 1969. You will find beautiful women's dresses from s.Oliver at a reasonable price in addition to numerous apparel items.


Esprit Holdings Limited is a Bermuda-based worldwide fashion company. Esprit offers affordable and attractive clothing for everyday use or the office, in addition to shoes, home furnishings, jewelry, and furniture.

Dresses by Peter Hahn

Winterbach-based Peter Hahn GmbH & Co was founded in 1964. The company began by successfully selling llama hair jackets and blankets. Clothing, furniture, jewelry, and other items were added to the collection in 1971. Today, you can choose from a wide variety of Peter Hahn dresses. Peter Hahn's blouse dresses are extremely popular.

Comma outfits

Comma GmbH is a Rottendorf-based apparel manufacturer specializing in women's fashion. The comma is a subsidiary of s. Oliver, you'll discover a huge assortment of exquisite women's apparel from comma in our online shop, exactly like the parent company.

Mango outfits

Mango, a worldwide fashion company based north of Barcelona, is a famous destination for contemporary clothing. Mango dresses guarantee not just style and a wide range of conceivable combinations, but also low pricing.

Dresses by Chi Chi London

Chi Chi London, a family business that began as a design house in London in 1988, now thrills many young women with trendy garments. Chi Chi London gowns are the height of sophistication. Chi Chi London dresses are a great option if you're looking for an evening gown or a dress for a special occasion. Women's gowns are a little more pricey, but they're well worth it!

Find dresses in mini, midi, and maxi lengths

In periodicals and online stores, the names mini, midi, and maxi dresses appear frequently. But what is the distinction between the many variants? When do you put on the lovely women's clothes?


ABOUT YOU has a huge collection of different women's dresses in all sizes from various brands. Modern dresses come in a variety of lengths, hues, and styles. You'll find festive dresses and evening dresses in addition to casual dresses, beach dresses, and office dresses. Whatever you choose, you'll find trendy dresses for every taste at ABOUT YOU - have a look and get your perfect dress online today!

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