13 Genuine Problems of People Who Don’t Drink

Posted 6 years ago in ENTERTAINMENT.

So what if you don’t drink? This does not make you less cool than others. You don’t like to drink, that is completely okay but there are some genuine problems that people among drinker friends face who don’t drink. Here is the list:

13 Genuine Problems of People Who Don’t Drink
  1. 1. ‘Bachcha’ is the perfect name awarded by your friends

They tease you by saying “Would you like to have some milk or tea”

  1. 2. Tired of saying no in get-togethers

You are tired of digesting people’s doubtful stares when you announce you don’t drink.

  1. 3. You say no to parties that do not serve non-alcoholic drinks

How can you even think of existing at such a place?

  1. 4. When it comes to explain people, it is actually a nightmare

You seriously can’t take this risk. You just can’t explain why you don’t drink.

  1. 5. The phrase ‘try it once’ irritates you every time

Your friends make you count all the benefits of drinking and force you to try it.

  1. 6. You are not interested in wasting money on alcohol

Rs. 300 for a peg of blender’s pride? No, Thanks. It’s just pointless.

  1. 7. You feel proud of yourself

After all you will be laughing on all the ridiculous shit they did after recording it. You can now blackmail them in future.

  1. 8. Your friends think you can’t enjoy a party without being drunk

Instead, you go to places that offer non-alcoholic drinks as well. You can enjoy there too.

  1. 9. You are generally the only one who is sober

And you know you are the one who will be dropping your friends safely at home.

  1. 10. You are a care taker now

  2. Image result for caretaker of friends

People know you don’t drink so they hand you their car keys/phones/other stuff in case they lose it while drunk.

  1. 11. You mostly know everything about everybody

When your friends start drunk talking, you already know everything.

  1. 12. When you join your friends for a daaru party, you relish on the chakna

Because of course-you don’t drink. But chakna is cool too.

  1. 13. People judge you if you’re a guy and your girlfriend drinks

So what if your girlfriend drinks and you don’t. That’s not your mistake but you are judged anyway.