How to Choose the Cocktail Dresses for a Theme Party?

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How to Choose the Cocktail Dresses for a Theme Party?

When you are invited to a cocktail party, the first and foremost task is to find suitable cocktail dresses for women. It is challenging because you want to stay in the limelight and at the same time want to showcase your style. Even if you do not have a lot of time on your hands, you can shine throughout the party if you consider some small details!

Here are some types of cocktail dresses and how to choose one, keeping a few points under consideration.

Go Through the Invitation:

You have to understand the information given on the invitation card. Are you invited to your friend’s marriage party or to a corporate event? Even if you are invited to a corporate event, do not get ready as a boss lady. This is a less formal event, and you must not look formal from head to toe!

Go by the Taste of Hosts:

If you know your hosts and their taste, you should keep that in mind too. If you are invited by two aged people who love traditional dresses, then you should choose something traditional from the online stores. Do not go experimenting with your attire in this kind of invitation. You are going there to enjoy the evening and not to spoil someone else’s fun!

Dress Insta-Worthy!

These days everything is present on social media, and thus, you should always be ready to get papped. Some hosts even create insta-worthy frames all over the venue, and some give personalized hashtags to make it a super successful event. So you have to be prepared for such occasions where you might face the camera or the media for a small byte.

Check the Season:

You need to consider the time of the year you are going to the party. If it is the winter season, then you should keep a touch of fur in your dress. It can be a jacket or a coat with your toes covered with proper shoes. But if you are going to a summery or spring party, then your garb should match the season. Choose floral and back open dresses for summer evenings, and you can wear strappy sandals as well.

Go with LBD ( little black dress ):

Every time you are confused about what to wear to a cocktail party, go black. If you search online for cocktail dresses for women, you will find a lot of ensembles in black. When you find a lot of red, blue, green, beige, and pink around you, black is foolproof! It never goes wrong and never goes out of fashion. Just choose a deep-neck, silk attire that slips down your body. These kinds of gowns never go out of fashion and suit you perfectly for both a wedding cocktail party and a corporate event as well.

Add a Bit of Bling:

A bit of bling is always what you should be up for! Bling jewelry pieces are easily available online under the cocktail party attire section. But you should understand how much is not too much! You can wear a pair of earrings that are bling enough. Do not go for bling earrings, neckpieces, and shimmery dresses unless you are going for a cocktail party where you have to dance with your friends!

Length Matters:

The length of your dress matters a lot when you are going to a cocktail party. The floor-long dresses are perfect for corporate events, whereas dresses till your mid-calf are perfect for any cocktail party you are invited to. Sometimes you have to go to PR meetings and launch events. For private events where your close friends will be enjoying, you can wear dresses up to mid-thigh level. Please choose the length very cautiously.

Experiment with Your Clothes:

When someone has invited you to a cocktail party and never forced you to wear a cocktail dress, you can go out experimenting. Denim never goes vogue! You can wear a denim dress that goes straight up to your mid-thigh and surprise everyone with your sense of style. Pair this short dress with strappy sandals or knee-long boots. Do not accessorize much as that will spoil the whole look.

Don’t Restrict to Black Only!

When we shout for the LBD or the little black dress, we will also encourage you to experiment with your clothes. Do not be afraid of wearing something else, or do not restrict yourself to a particular color and pattern only. Red shimmery dresses are also in fashion. If you choose a shimmery dress, you do not need to go for accessories with it.


If you are not sure about what to wear, ask your friends or the host. Since you are experimenting with your look, do not go overboard and, at the same time, do not underdress as well. Just enjoy the party and have fun with friends by flaunting cocktail dresses for women.

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