How can I Get a Refund from EasyJet?

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Call the Helpline number : +44-203-514-1052 so You can simply contact 24/7 customer support service of EasyJet Airlines if you want to Get a Refund from EasyJet. You can also go to its official website and follow some steps to call customer support.

How can I Get a Refund from EasyJet?

If you have a booking with Easy Jet due to some issues, you want to cancel your flight and want to know how you can apply for a refund. You came to the right place. Refunds are subject to the airline's refund policy. To answer your question, How do I get an EasyJet refund? You need to know the EasyJet refund policy before applying for a refund. 

Refund Policy Of EasyJet 

The refund policy of EasyJet is explained below.

  • If you have purchased a refundable ticket and you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of the booking, you are entitled to a full refund.

  • If you cancel your flight after 24 hours of the booking, the airline will charge you a cancellation fee, which depends on the type of your ticket and destination.

  • You are entitled to a full refund if the airline cancels or fails to confirm your seat.

  • Refund usually takes 7-10 days to process if the payment is made via Credit Card, and if you have paid via cash, it might take 10-20 days to process your refund. 

  • E-credit refunds are instant, and you can use them to book another flight with EasyJet airlines.

How to get your refund 

Via website

Suppose you are applicable for a refund as per the policy of airlines. In that case, you can visit the airline's official website, go to my bookings, enter the booking id and your last name to access your bookings, and select cancel my booking to get a refund from EasyJet.  Refunds are subject to the policy of airlines.

If you still have any queries, you can contact the customer support of EasyJet Airlines and get all the information about refunds and the cancellation policy of the airlines.

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