How to fix Gmail smtp not working issue

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1-888-570-1595 Gmail makes sure that your account is not accessed from another country or geographic location that is far from your usual location, that is, your city when you live and access Gmail on a daily basis. However, you can perform the following given methods to fix the Gmail smtp

How to fix Gmail smtp not working issue

Gmail SMTP not working? Here is a quick and easy solution
Have you reached a point where you've tried everything you know, but Gmail smtp not working properly or not working at all? Do not worry. It happens even to the best of us.

Here is good news. It can be repaired in just a few minutes. When we do WordPress support services for our customers, we always do the Gmail SMTP setup from scratch because it would only take a minute.

However, if you are trying to figure out where you went wrong with your Gmail smtp settings, it may take some time to figure out. If you just follow the steps outlined here, you can perform all Gmail smtp operations and have your email up and running in minutes.

Why isn't Gmail SMTP working? And why Gmail SMTP settings?
First of all, Gmail smtp is a reliable way to send email from your WordPress website. If you are like me, you would have received thousands of emails in the spam folder.

Have you ever wondered how these emails got labeled as spam? Since the server you use to send emails would have been flagged as spam, if you share the same server to send your emails, your emails would also have been flagged as spam.

However, if you are using Gmail smtp which is spam free, there is literally no chance of your email going to your customers' spam folder.

Let's first see how to send emails in WordPress using Gmail's SMTP server.

Gmail SMTP server not working

Google SMTP is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which is a set of easy-to-use communication links used to send mail over the Internet. And Google SMTP, which is used to send mail through your Google or Gmail account. But if your account SMTP settings are not working and you are wondering why my Gmail SMTP server is not working, please see the details below.

Steps to Fix Google Account SMTP Settings.

Enable Less Secure Apps in Gmail

The main reason for SMTP not working online is that you may be using unprotected software on your mail that is not protected.
Then log into your Gmail account to fix the problem
Click on less secure apps - disable them
Wait while Google updates your settings.
Check your mail, SMTP would start working
Two-factor validation method.

If your account does not support SMTP, you can use a two-factor authentication method
This method is more secure and provides secure access to your mail.
It is familiar to your users and users do not have to remember their passwords.
To enable two-factor authentication, connect your mailbox to Google via OAuth.
And hence you end up with SMTP GTP pinning. If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact the customer service number.

Gmail SMTP Troubleshooting

If you're using Gmail as your outgoing mail server and you can't send the correct email, Google may block connection attempts from your apps or devices. Depending on whether you use Google Apps or not, the steps to fix it will be different.

For Google app users

If you're a Google Apps user, you'll need your administrator to allow users to edit policies for less secure apps. If you're a Google Apps admin, follow these steps:

Navigate to the Google Apps control panel.
Click on "Security" and then on "Basic settings".
Find "Less secure apps", then click "Go to settings for less secure apps".
Select "Allow users to manage their access to less secure apps".
For other Google users

If you don't use Google Apps, follow the steps in the following sections to see if two-step verification is enabled on your account.

If 2-Step Verification is not enabled on your account, follow these steps:

Go to the "Less secure apps" page and sign in with your account. This option is often required by very popular email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird, they should not be considered insecure.
Select the "Enable" option.

Still can't send email through Gmail?

Please note that you enter the wrong password to solve other problems. If you remember your password, resetting, or changing your Gmail password is a good idea.

Some email apps use older, less secure technologies to access your email account, and Gmail blocks these requests by default. In these cases, you will receive a message about the security of the mail client.

To resolve this problem, log in to your Gmail account through a web browser and log in with less secure apps. If that's not the reason why Gmail isn't working in your email client, you may need to open it.