Guide To Shop Drawing & Painting Sets And Crayons From Idealo DE

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Guide To Shop Drawing & Painting Sets And Crayons From Idealo DE

Guide To Shop Drawing & Painting Sets And Crayons From Idealo DE

Children's creative activities with paint and handicraft utensils are critical to their healthy development. Let's start with crayons first. They give their ideas and imaginations a physical form. 

Viewpoints, longings, and worries are conveyed. Accuracy and fine motor abilities are also honed in this program. Crayons are one of the most basic instruments. They are simple to use and come in a variety of styles. The pens come in a variety of line widths and colors.


For children who are not yet accustomed to using pencils, thick, angular pencils are provided. These colored pencils for kids should be durable and, above all, free of potentially harmful substances. Kotest magazine publishes a colored pencil set in this regard. Recommended is the BIC Kids Evolution Triangle. The 12 pens are free of hazardous ingredients and achieved a good overall rating in a test.

What will you discover?

The companies Stabilo and Faber-Castell specialize in sketching and painting utensils. Different colored pencils and felt-tip pens can be found in the appropriate assortment. The Stabilo Woody 3 in 1 is a popular choice among consumers. Children as young as three years old can use the multi-pencils, which have a break-resistant lead and are also water-soluble. The pens were awarded the spiel gut award for their excellence in 2008.  Shop Now on IDEALO

Faber-Castell Eco colored pencils include a child-friendly hexagonal shaft and a high level of color vibrancy. In addition, the 48 crayons come with water-based paint that is safe for the environment. You can shop them from Idealo at the best price! And when picking appropriate painting utensils, parents should generally rely on non-toxic, non-toxic organic goods.

Crayons that have been tested are guaranteed to be safe

New inventive techniques usually pique the interest of children. Wax crayons, for example, can produce interesting results. Under the action of heat, the embedded beeswax creates ornamental effects. The colors blend or can be replicated on other surfaces due to their soft consistency. Recommended pens include real beeswax and are free of potentially harmful chemicals.


The latter, however, can still be found in some items available on Idealo. Furthermore, not all pens live up to their promises when it comes to wax content. The consumer magazine kotest, for example, recommended the following products for purchase:

  • Nawaro 12 wax crayons from Konorm are made of 24 percent beeswax and are devoid of toxic chemicals.
  • The price and quality of BIC Kids Plastidecor 12 crayons are excellent.
  • Stockmar 8 wax crayons are made of 100% pure beeswax.
  • Noris Club 12 Super Jumbo wax crayons from Staedtler

Self-painted textiles for a unique look

The monotonous shirt appears considerably livelier with fabric markers in different colors. Children are inspired by colorful, unique attire, and they are eager to become fashion designers. To properly spice up the textiles, the colors should be lightfast and washable. Additionally, water-based fabric paints protect the health of the creative progeny and are available at Idealo. The manufacturers C. Kreul and SES Creative both have suitable goods.


They can be used with light or dark textiles and come in a set for a low price. Pens with a metallic sheen or a glitter finish provide a trendy touch.


The Texi Mäx Glitter Set, for example, is part of the Javana range from C. Kreul. Glitter elements are included in all five colors, which can be utilized on dark or light fabrics. T-shirts, sweatshirts, covers, purses, and even your cap will get a new look. Practice tips include: We recommend using a template to draw accurate contours.

Guide To Shop Drawing & Painting Sets From Idealo

Painting and drawing isn't just kids' activity. Even little doodling might help with development. They utilize it to express their emotions, express their creativity and imagination, and practice fine motor skills all at the same time. The hands of little children will first only draw zigzag lines on paper. These evolve into curved circles over time, eventually forming the first stick figures.


Painting is an additional means of communication for children. No matter how scrawled and expressionistic the painting is, praising the little painters is crucial. Many parents display their children's early creations on the refrigerator with magnets as a token of their admiration. Every parent can make their kid a good painter with Idealo!

This popular pastime does not necessitate a large number of utensils

Boredom can often be alleviated by using a sketching pad and pens. It's also a great activity for when you're on the run. Non-toxic pens are especially important for tiny children who frequently put items in their mouths. The color frequently lands on the cheeks and hands.


Unfortunately, many pens available on Ideallo including high-end brands, contain dangerous ingredients, according to a 2018 Stiftung Warentest verdict. It's encouraging that low-cost items garnered higher marks. The test result for the Faber-Castell Color Grip pencils and the Stabilo Trio Thick colored pencils, among others, was Good.

Not over the edge: Coloring books for the first attempts

A white piece of paper will eventually become uninteresting to the colorful crayons. Wallpaper, walls, and tables are often more appealing, but they aren't always available. As a result, coloring books with pre-printed themes are a fantastic alternative to dull sketching pads. Whether it's zoo animals, Disney Princesses, or characters from your current favorite show, there's enough to choose from.


Your child can let their creativity run wild and color the characters whatever they want or keep to the original requirements thanks to the colorless motifs. The goal of any coloring book available on Idealo is to avoid painting over the edges.

Paint boxes and brushes are used by small painters

It's time to transition to paint boxes and brushes when painting with crayons or crayons becomes tedious. 12 colors, a brush, and a small tube of opaque white to lighten the colors are usually included in most boxes. The colors are water-based and can be wiped off and away with ease.  Shop Now on IDEALO

According to ko-Test, the following models are recommended:

  • 12 color konorm watercolor box
  • Natural Colors Stockmar opaque paints with watercolors in the Memo Watercolor Paint Box
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