Travel Guide: The Top Places To Go Kayaking In The US

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Going on a trip you always think about where to go for a good and inexpensive vacation. We will tell you about the most popular places

Travel Guide: The Top Places To Go Kayaking In The US

If you're seeking to get away from everything and still stay within your budget, think about your kayak on a trip. Kayaks are much less expensive than camping or hiking equipment and are just as simple to operate. If you have the right training and expertise, all you need to do is get in the kayak and start paddling. These are the best places to kayak throughout America and The United States.


Michigan is a popular kayaking spot for those who want to experience diverse scenery. While many people consider Michigan as a result of the Great Lakes shoreline, the state also has coastal regions with small islands, as well as even rivers inland.

michigan kayaking

The best part about paddling on Lake Michigan is that there is a myriad of places you can stop at any point along the route. And as the folks at say whether you like paddling in small lakes or adventures, Michigan has a place for you. The best kayaking spots are Wilderness State Park, where you can find up to 1,500 freshwater islands, as well as coastlines, Bay Furnace Park in the Upper Peninsula, and Platte River Point Campground in Traverse City.

New Jersey

If you're looking for a peaceful area to kayak with very little chance of meeting people, make your way towards New Jersey's Delaware Bay. The bay runs along the shoreline of New Jersey starting from Cape May Point to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Delaware Bay Delaware Bay has been called "the most underrated boating destination in America" by the people who know it best and kayaking is a fantastic method to explore the area in your own way.

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Other excellent spots for kayaking can be found along The C&D Canal towpath, and West Creek on the Great Egg Harbor River, and when you're heading out towards the bay, be sure to check for The New Jersey Pinelands.


Kayaking Washington State has plenty to offer paddlers of all levels, not just those seeking an easy and quick. The capital city of the state is Olympia with its beautiful private areas to kayak in.


It is also possible to kayak through to the Kitsap Peninsula, which is the most popular kayaking spot because of the numerous bays and inlets. There are numerous islands that are located in the area, where you can stop to enjoy an afternoon picnic, or even stay the night if you're truly interested in your kayaking experience. The south coast of the state is another excellent area to kayak in, where you can visit some of the most beautiful spots to view wildlife within the state. Go to places like Tokeland and Westport to get a break from the typical paddling excursions.


In Wisconsin One of the most sought-after places to kayak is on the Door Peninsula. The peninsula's position is a perfect spot to kayak, and it's also part of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.


Another great spot to kayak is on the Wolf River, which has numerous quiet bays and coves which are perfect for those seeking a break from the world.

North Carolina

North Carolina is another great destination for those who enjoy kayaking in the water, as opposed to rivers and rocks. Because North Carolina is a coastal state, it is possible to explore the most stunning parts of the Atlantic coast on a kayak, such as the barrier islands, lighthouses, and other lighthouses.

North Carolina

The absolute most enjoyable place to kayak within North Carolina is Cape Lookout National Seashore. The most efficient way to reach it is via boat, which means you don't have to travel all the way. There are numerous islands and coves in this region that you can discover on your way.


The most renowned paddling spots can be found at Elephant Butte Lake State Park located in the southwest of the State. You can go canoeing or kayaking as well as swimming, fishing and even camping to make a whole weekend of it. The lake offers stunning views regardless of where you're in its waters.

Utah kayaking

Another fantastic spot to go kayaking can be found at Bear Lake, which is the largest freshwater lake that is natural in the United States. It's located right next to a renowned ski resort. You can visit the resort to take some time to look around when you're finished with your kayaking adventure.

There are many great locations for kayaking across the US and even in the majority of regions along the coast that can be combined with amazing wildlife viewing opportunities. Kayaking is a great option when you're looking to do something truly special and allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature in the country in a more profound way.

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