How to Fix TP Link Router not working problem

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1-888-570-1595 However, you can perform the following given methods to fix the problem immediately.

How to Fix TP Link Router not working problem

Why is my TP-Link router not working?

If you are unable to access the internet even after installing the router, read the article below and fix the TP-Link router not working problem. Below are 5 solutions you can use to fix TP-Link router not working issue.

Fixed Tp Link not connecting to internet issue:

Solution 1: Check the physical connection between the modem and the router.

If you see a red "WAN port is unplugged" message on the router's status page, the modem is NOT properly plugged into the router's WAN port. Please plug it in and make sure the red message will be gone.

Solution 2: Clone your PC's MAC address.

Some ISPs will log your computer's MAC address when you first access the Internet through their cable modem if you add a router to your network to share your Internet connection the ISP will not accept it because the MAC address is changed, we need to clone your computer's MAC address to the router.

Make sure you are connected to the TP-LINK router with the computer which was originally connected to your cable modem, then log in to management, click Network->Clone MAC on the left side.
Click on Clone MAN Address this function will clone the MAC address of your PC to the WAN MAC address of the router.

Solution 3: Change the LAN IP address of the router.

Most TP-LINK routers use as default LAN IP address, it may conflict with your existing ADSL modem/router IP range. If so, the router cannot communicate with your modem and you cannot access the Internet.

To solve the problem, we need to change the LAN IP address of the router to avoid such a conflict, for example

Click Network->LAN in the left menu then change the IP address to another (eg then click "Save".

Note: After changing the LAN IP address next time, you will need to use the new IP address to enter the router management page and renew an IP address for your computer.

Solution 4: Restart your router and modem

Generally, the TP-Link router not working problem is solved by applying the three solutions given above. If this is not happening in your case, you can powercycle to connect to the internet.

Turn off your TP-Link router and modem and let them stay off for the next minute.
After that, turn your router back on.
Wait a moment, then turn on your modem. Wait a few minutes and check if the Internet light is on.
Wait another two minutes and check whether the internet connection is established or not.

Solution 5: Check the WAN connection type again.

Refer to this link for guidance on choosing the correct router WAN connection type. Contact your ISP for suggestions if needed.
Click Network->WAN in the left menu to configure the correct WAN connection type->Save.
Restart the modem and the router.