How big is the shoe market in UAE?

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There are two types of footwear available in the market i.e. non-athletic and athletic footwear. The demand for different types of footwear has increased in the last few decades.

How big is the shoe market in UAE?

There are two types of footwear available in the market i.e. non-athletic and athletic footwear. The demand for different types of footwear has increased in the last few decades. The purchase of trendy footwear is mainly driven by the youth generation. Consumers from across the globe are only increasing day by day because of the shoes available online. One of the biggest reasons that have contributed to boosting the footwear industry is the manufacture of new and innovative footwear designs. The footwear companies try their best to provide the best quality products and to keep their collections up to date for every age group of the population. The young generation has shifted towards shoes online shopping which is a more convenient and easy way of shopping. Especially during and after the pandemic, people prefer buying clothes and shoes online rather than going to a store physically. Online footwear platforms like the Crocs offer a wide variety of shoes in the UAE. 

There is also a growth in the demand for sports shoes and other shoes keeping in mind the personal health of people. The increase in physical activities to maintain a healthy and fit life has boosted the demand for health-inclined footwear. Health-conscious people look for sports shoes or other comfortable shoes like Crocs. The demand for comfortable and funky shoes has increased in the last few years in the UAE. According to the report of Emirates Industrial Bank, the import value of the footwear market has reached an estimated Dh750 million from Dh270 million in the year 2005. The increase in the market is due to the rapidly growing population along with the growth in the number of tourists visiting the region every year. The UAE is one of the best shopping destinations in the world. Tourist shopping in the region constitutes 40% of total footwear retail sales.

There is also a big demand for sandals that are mostly worn by citizens of Arab. The UAE nationals buy up to six pairs of shoes every year. There is also a huge market of rubber or casual plastic footwear that is entirely imported from East Asia. The footwear and leather market of Gulf countries is around Dh3.67 billion while the UAE footwear market (both re-exports and exports) is estimated at more than Dh1 billion annually. According to the Emirates Industrial Bank, the demand for shoes gradually increased in the 1990s but it exploded since 2000. Between the years 1996-1999, almost 9% of demand increased for leather footwear. The demand rose to 23% from 2000-to 2005. There are only seven major footwear manufacturers in the United Arab Emirates. The first footwear factory was founded in 1988 with an estimated production of around 250,000 pairs in a year. Leather footwear production accounted for more than half of the market while the rest was divided into plastic, rubber, and canvas footwear. The sports shoe market is dominated by the three leading US footwear brands. The leather market is dominated by smaller producers, brands, and distributors. According to the report of the Emirates Industrial Bank, the market for footwear manufacturing and trading will further increase in the region. The shoe companies in UAE are expected to become more competitive and thus elevate their suppliers and manufacturers in the high-end segment. Nowadays, people can buy shoes online from the comfort of their homes which has further boosted the footwear business across the globe. 

Scope of the footwear market

  • The apparel market is expected to grow at a rate of 3.8% between the years 2020 and 2025. It is estimated to reach AED 49 billion business.
  • The demand for children’s footwear is expected to grow at 3.7% and reach AED 1.119 million by 2025.
  • The sale of boots and shoes is expected to perform the best in the children’s footwear category.
  • The availability of a variety of shoes online UAE is another aspect that will only increase with time.

It is important to understand the impact of Covid-19 to help apply new strategies and offerings to fulfil the demand of the apparel market. To help the market to grow, it is essential to recognize the main competitors of the footwear business and their price positioning.

Crocs is a major leading footwear brand that offers casual and innovative footwear. It offers a perfect combination of comfort and fun-looking shoes to all age groups. The classic clogs are one of the most famous and original styles in the world since 2002. This footwear company has managed to sell over 30 million pairs across countries. The company has earned a name in the footwear world because of its simple approach that unites modern comfort, unique style and value. The brand celebrates and embraces every individual’s choice and style. This makes it one of the most loved footwear brands in the UAE.