Why use circular knitting needles?

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The comfort of knitting with circular needles is displayed in its ergonomic make. The needle tips are joined by a smooth cable of varying lengths.

Why use circular knitting needles?

Circular knitting needles are the most versatile needle types available in the market. Since its introduction a century back, these needles have assisted with knitting projects both in the round and flat. Most knitters who have discovered the pleasurable of knitting with circular needles have taken up these for life.

The comfort of knitting with circular needles is displayed in its ergonomic make. The needle tips are joined by a smooth cable of varying lengths. The length of the cords can be changed in the interchangeable circular needles and sets while the fixed circulars come in fixed lengths. The ease of working with circular knitting needles is such that even a beginner knitter can work with them.

So, if you have not yet tried or switched from your straight needles, we have the perfect 4 reasons to use circular knitting needles.

  1. Multiple Uses

Circular needles can be worked for both knitting flat and in the round. With the same pair of needles, you can knit flat items like blankets, scarves, sweaters, etc., and also knit circular items like socks, hats, mittens, etc. The method remains the same for both. You start with a cast on, then knit or purl or other stitches according to the pattern. The only thing to remember in flat knitting is that turn the project after every row so that the stitches remain on the left needle.

With one interchangeable circular needle set, you have every standard size knitting needle, and options of various cord lengths and will rarely need to purchase another.

  1. Comfortable knitting

Knitting with circular needles means comfort. The knitting needles are ergonomic. The weight of the project lies on the cord that can be placed on your lap while your hands holding the needles are free from extra weight. This feature can be also enjoyed with the fixed circular needles. But, like said earlier interchangeable needles have the option of changing cords to accommodate the growing project so the weight is further distributed with a longer length.

You can use circular needles for big, heavy projects such as blankets because the weight will be carried on the cord rather than on the needle. Also, they can also be used for the Magic Loop method for knitting small diameters, such as for socks. 

  1. Easy storage

Many times a WIP needs to be stored for a while. Working with circular needles means you can easily store any project. You can put needle caps on the tips and slide the project rest on the cord. 

Besides the WIPs, the needles are easy to store. Firstly, you don’t need to worry about losing a needle in the middle of their projects or otherwise, the tips are joined by a cable. Also, if you are a knitter who knits while traveling circulars are the best option, easy to pack and comfortable to knit with.

  1. Minimal or no need for seaming to finish

If you are not fond of seaming then circular knitting needles won’t make you. With circulars, you knit round and round till you need to bind off. Even if some patterns or projects require sewing or seaming, it is minimal.

Any knitter’s stash must include circular knitting needles or a set for their creative projects. Lantern Moon premium ebony wood knitting needles offer a smooth knitting experience. Happy Knitting!

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