Here's how to Reset QuickBooks Password appropriately

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it is common to lose or misplace your password, making it impossible to log into QuickBooks. You can Reset QuickBooks Password and set a new one for your account. In this given blog we have mentioned some method to do so.

Here's how to Reset QuickBooks Password appropriately

QuickBooks is versatile accounting software that handles the bookkeeping and oversees finance for small businesses. This software is involved in processing crucial business tasks and data that should be protected from threats or malicious activities. To prevent this, QuickBooks has several security protocols at various levels, and a password is one such measure provided to the user. But, it is common to lose or misplace your password, making it impossible to log into QuickBooks. You can Reset QuickBooks Password and set a new one for your account. You should also reset your password if it is not confidential anymore and you think your data is at risk. Read the full blog and find the appropriate method to successfully reset your password, as recommended by QuickBooks.

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About QuickBooks password

The password is a user-defined security protocol in QuickBooks. Your password should be strong enough to protect your data from unauthorized access. However, it is possible that you lose this password or misplace it and get locked of your account. You’ll need to reset your password to re-access your account, and you might also need it if your password is known to many people, which is a risk to your business data.

Required Info before proceeding

You should have the info mentioned below handy and then proceed to initiate the method-

  1. 1.The email which was used while you installed QuickBooks on this computer for creating this account.
  2. 2.Your QuickBooks version’s License Number, registered phone number, and ZIP code, which you can easily find out by pressing F2 in your QuickBooks.

Once you are ready with all this info, proceed to the method.

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  • For admin account

Follow the steps for earlier versions than QuickBooks 2019-

  1. 1.Go to the login window and click the Forgot my password option.
  2. 2.Enter your License number when asked by the software.
  3. 3.Fill in your name, email address, phone number & ZIP code. This information is easily available after signing in to the Customer Account Management Portal (CAMPS).
  4. 4.Look out for the verification code sent to your emails in CAMPS.
  5. 5.Do as per the on-screen instructions to reset your password.

Follow these steps if you have QuickBooks 2020 or any upgraded version.

  1. 1.Click the Forgot my password option on the login window.
  2. 2.Choose the registered email used while creating this account.
  3. 3.A token will be sent to your registered email that’ll be used to reset the password in your QuickBooks.
  • For a regular User account

You can easily reset your password after logging in through your admin account and following the steps below-

  1. 1.Click on Company and select Set up users and passwords from the options.
  2. 2.Click Set up users and enter your admin password.
  3. 3.Out of all the user accounts you see in the list, choose the account you need to reset the password for and click Edit User.
  4. 4.Create a new and strong password for your QuickBooks, click Next twice and click Finish.

This was the most convenient method to reset your QuickBooks password, as recommended by QuickBooks.


This is the end of our blog that explained the benefits of using a password and the easiest method to Reset QuickBooks Password. We expect you used the method in your system and were able to reset your QB password successfully.

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