Here's how everyone can find together their perfect and stylish outfits with s.Oliver

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Here's how everyone can find together their perfect and stylish outfits with s.Oliver

Here's how everyone can find together their perfect and stylish outfits with s.Oliver

Whether it's a long jacket paired with slim-fitting pants or an airy shirt with pleated frills paired with a suede-look skirt, s.Oliver has a wide range of office attire. Women's workwear comes in a variety of stylish combinations. Have you got a job interview, a business dinner, or a meeting coming up? Or do you wish to stand out at the office with a fresh outfit? Take a look at some of our suggestions:

  • For the job interview: Women's clothing with a classic look is recommended for a strong first impression during the job interview. Wear comfortable business attire that makes you feel good. In the summer, a skirt or long pants are ideal. To complete an outfit in the winter, consider matching tights for skirts or dresses. A thick jacket with a stand-up collar or an exquisite coat also works well in frigid temperatures.

  • For a business dinner, whether at a café, a canteen, or a posh restaurant, you want to wear comfortable women's apparel yet look professional. A well-chosen outfit also highlights your personality. Wear a jumpsuit with a fitting blazer, which can be worn open or closed. Matching accessories add a personal touch to your ensemble.

  • Cardigans and cardigans in muted colors work nicely with professional outfits as well. Choose a long cardigan with sequins or a fine knit cardigan, for example.

  • The appropriate shoes are also essential for a well-balanced ensemble. The task calls for Chelsea-style ankle boots, ballerinas, or lace-up low shoes. They are frequently composed of high-quality fake leather and come in smooth leather or patent leather look, depending on the type.

  • The following is the agenda for the next meeting: Simple, slim pants with a blouse and a long business blazer, for example with a structured pattern, checked insert, or piping, are appropriate for a meeting. The stylish extra length gives the appearance of a longer physique.


Lastly but not distant, the remainder of your respectable business wear is critical to your job satisfaction. Shirts in a trendy fabric combination with ornate collars and airy blouses with a silk front ensure an exquisite look. They are quite comfortable to wear even on hot days because of the loose fit. A broad assortment of well-chosen business outfits may be found at s.Oliver. 

At s.Oliver, women can discover apparel in a variety of sizes

Every individual is unique. As a result, s.Oliver offers a wide range of sizes and cuts for women's clothes. The Triangle brand, for instance, has a vast assortment of casually attractive apparel for ladies. s.Oliver's FitFinder will assist you in determining the correct garment size. Individual collection characteristics are already taken into account. s.Oliver made ordering women's apparel online even easier.

Shop the trendy men's wear

Some prefer a more classic look, while others try to incorporate current trends into their wardrobe selection. Men's fashion is now more than simply a simple combo of slacks, T-shirts, and a cotton sweater, regardless of which camp you fall into. When it comes to styling, men can also take advantage of the complete range of options and mix their outfits in such a way that they produce a distinctive look. s.Oliver has a wide selection of apparel, shoes, and accessories, allowing you to find the perfect item of clothing for every trend or style.

Men's fashion essentials and current trends are mixed

Do you keep up with current fashion trends but don't try to be like everyone else? Learn how to build a strong foundation with a few essentials and create a unique look with trend pieces:

  • You select what constitutes a fundamental for you. Men's fashion in neutral colors might be particularly effectively paired. A sturdy foundation is formed by a pair of classic-wash denim, a white t-shirt, and a plain wool sweater.
  • Do you enjoy the season's current trend hue, but you're one of those men who doesn't like things to be too obvious in the fashion world? Opt for brightly colored socks. They're a terrific method to subtly display your colors.
  • New types and patterns can be used to generate fascinating contrasts. Even monochromatic clothes become eye-catching.

On the internet, how do you find menswear that fits you?

Even more crucial than choosing the latest trend colors and designs is finding the perfect fit. This will assist you in selecting clothing that is appropriate for your body shape. The size chart can be helpful when ordering men's apparel online, especially if you're shopping for plus-size clothing. You can quickly determine your dress size if you know your height, breast circumference, and arm length.

After you've decided on the proper size, you can focus only on the color scheme and design. In addition, the FitFinder from s.Oliver makes ordering men's apparel online even easier. To get a reliable size recommendation, simply complete a few questions. Individual s.Oliver's brand characteristics are already taken into account.

Is a garment in your size not currently available online? Then see if your favorite may be found in a store near you. If that's the case, simply call to make a reservation.

Take a look at the most recent men's fashion trends

New trends in the fashion world continue to astound you. Which one, though, is best for you? Whether you're looking for a summery fun outfit, workplace attire, or apparel for a special occasion, it's critical that you feel good in your clothes.

Current trends can be caught up very quickly, especially when it comes to leisure attire. Allow other fashion-conscious men to inspire you. Many fashion-conscious men exhibit themselves with stylish looks not only on the street but also on social media networks. Men's fashion is more visible on the Internet than ever before, whether it's with casual essentials or classic cool.

So, if you're looking for new fashion ideas and inspiration, take a look around online and get inspired by the latest trends and styles. There are, of course, timeless classics that don't go out of vogue.

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