how to connect spotify to discord

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Discord allows you to chat and hang out with your friends online. However, did you know that you can even stream music to your friends through Spotify? All you have to do is connect Discord with your Spotify account.

how to connect spotify to discord

Have you ever wondered how people show what they're currently listening to on Spotify as their Discord status? Discord makes it incredibly easy to update others on what you're doing in real time, whether it's listening to music, gaming, or streaming. The key to all of this is "account linking" or, as Discord calls it, Connections. If you are a Discord user and a Spotify subscriber, you can how to connect spotify to discord both platforms in seconds. When you do this, you're essentially allowing other Discord users to see what you're listening to on Spotify when you're logged in. Let's discuss how to connect Spotify to Discord.

To connect Spotify to Discord, open Discord on your computer. Click User Settings > Connections. From here, click the Spotify button to open a Spotify login page. Sign in with Facebook, Apple, Google, or email/username and password. After this, you will have connected Spotify to Discord.

Connecting your Spotify to Discord opens many doors. On the one hand, it allows you to share what you are listening to with all your friends. If you choose to display your Spotify activity publicly, everyone, even people you don't know on other servers, can see your listening activity publicly on your profile.

Plus, you can even start listening to parties if you connect your Spotify and Discord accounts. it's wild

How to connect your Spotify account to Discord (desktop)
Open the Discord desktop app or go to the Discord website in a browser and sign in. Click the gear-shaped User Settings button at the bottom of the interface, next to the Mute and Deaf icons.

In the USER SETTINGS menu, go to the Connections tab.
In the Connections menu, click the Spotify button. This icon is usually located at the top, inside the CONNECT YOUR ACCOUNTS box.
This will take you to a special login page where you can sign in to your Spotify account. Sign in to your Spotify account to finish linking it to Discord.

Let others see what you're listening to
If you want people to see what you're listening to on Spotify, scroll down the Connections tab until you find your connected Spotify account. There are two sliders here: Show on profile and Show Spotify as your status.

Turn on Show Spotify as your status if you want people to know when you're listening to Spotify, as well as what you're listening to!