How to fix Google Drive not working problem?

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1-888-570-1595 However, you can perform the following given methods to fix the problem immediately.

How to fix Google Drive not working problem?

Why isn't Google Drive working on my Mac?
There may be several reasons for this to happen. One of the most obvious is that your Wi-Fi network or broadband connection is down. Or maybe, your anti-malware software for some reason blocked your Google Drive. More complex issues may include incompatibility with other software, the operating system blocking Google Drive, or Google Drive not working problem on Google's side.

Here are some signs you'll get when Google Drive stops working:

An authorization error when trying to sign in
The login screen keeps updating
Files won't sync with Google Drive (Google File Stream not working)
You get an error message that sync isn't enabled for your account

What to do if Google Drive won't open on your Mac
If Google Drive won't open on your Mac, there are two options to fix the problem:

Reset Google Drive
Uninstall Google Drive
You can do both by using a handy app called CleanMyMac X. It allows you to uninstall any app, removing all associated files. In this way, all traces of that application will be gone from your Mac forever. You can also use the CleanMyMac X uninstall module to reset the application and return it to the initial state. Download CleanMyMac X for free here.

Here's how to use it to reset or uninstall Google Drive:

Start CleanMyMac X.
Choose the Uninstaller module.
Use the search box to search for Google Drive.
Next to the app name, Google Drive, you will see a dropdown menu. Click and choose Uninstall (or Reset).
Hit the Uninstall or Reset button at the bottom of the window.
Once you've uninstalled Google Drive, you can re-download it from your Google account in a web browser.

Google Drive stopped working on Android!
“When I try to open Google Drive on my Android device (Samsung galaxy), no files or folders are displayed there. And when I try to attach files from the drive, Google Drive stopped working unexpectedly. However, it works fine on my laptop with the same account. What is wrong with Google Drive app on my Android and how to fix Google Drive not working on Android phone? Thanks for your suggestions in advance.”

For most Android users, Google Drive may be the best option for a cloud storage solution because it offers 5GB of free storage space and works seamlessly with other Google apps. However, some Android users find that Google Drive may suddenly stop working on Android for unknown reasons sometimes.

How to fix Google Drive not working issue on Android?
If you are facing these Google Drive issues, don't panic. Google Drive not working problem is a common error and there are some effective solutions that you can try. The following contents will show you detailed methods for Android phones. If you encounter this problem on Windows PC or Mac, you can refer to this article: