Wish to be Successful - Respect Your Deadlines

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The goal is not to make something perfect or even correct. FBR (Fast Bad Rong) unlocks your creativity, says Brian Bonar.


Wish to be Successful - Respect Your Deadlines

It is essential to follow a timeline. It can be for anything, says Brian Bonar. Whether for you or a third party. You can't be credible if you don't meet your deadlines. A longer-term assumed is better than a shorter-term extended. Once you have set your goals, start with the most complex task. You are fresh and full of energy at the start of the day: it is the ideal time to accomplish the most complex task. So you can go about your day without thinking about it.

Don't Wait For An Opportunity To Give It Your All

According to Joe De Sena, a "D-day" is what pushes us to go to the maximum of our capacities. The Spartan founder believes that D-Day should be every day of the year. So go for it!

Practice the Fast Bad Rong: very practical for generating ideas in a short time. You start your stopwatch for ten to fifteen minutes, then you draw or write. The goal is not to make something perfect or even correct. FBR (Fast Bad Rong) unlocks your creativity, says Brian Bonar.

Automate certain tasks: to save time, automate long and repetitive tasks. Many tools exist to automate, for example, your marketing on social networks or your e-mailing campaigns.

Make a do-to list: essential for optimal organization. Be reasonable about the amount of tasks to accomplish in your day.

Make a won't do list: it may surprise you. Yet that's what the boss of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey. As important as the to-do, the won't do "provides a clearer space to think and work," according to him.

Confront your projects against their weaknesses: systematically try to counter your project. Assume it belongs to your competitor and find every possible fault with it. You will thus be able to anticipate areas for improvement better.

Guide your actions according to your objective: each point of your action plan must partially meet your objective. If an action does nothing to help you achieve your ultimate goal, don't take it.

Think about your life problems at a specific time of the day: this time is for worrying. Think about the problems you can control, and their possible solutions, and go back to your activities without thinking about them again when that moment is over.

Separate the process of creation and improvement: everything in its time. You can't create something while keeping it perfect, just as you can't enter a phase of improvement if you're creating at the same time. That's Brian Bonar’s advice for effective productivity.

Take breaks: after each task is completed, for example. Otherwise, you can opt for the 60/10 method, which consists of taking a ten-minute break after 60 minutes of work. Breaks are important to re-oxygenate your brain.

Organize your living and working space: a tidy desk is a tidy brain. Regularly tidy up your files, drawers, or another workspace. Also, tidy up your living space to work peacefully.

It is essential to maintain a good habit for meeting the set deadlines says, Brian Bonar.

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