Why You Should Buy True Wireless Headphones

Posted 2 years ago in LIFESTYLE.

While wireless headphones have become extremely popular, it is important to note that all wireless Bluetooth headphone models are not the same. Although we are accustomed to using ‘wireless headphones’ as an umbrella term, the sub-genus of this category is quite heterogeneous.

Why You Should Buy True Wireless Headphones


First things first, ‘wireless’ headphone models are different from the ‘true wireless’ ones. While both these variants are Bluetooth headphones, the former is not ‘really’ wireless because it may have discarded the unnecessary cords, but the earpieces of the device remain connected through a cord around the back of the neck or overhead. The latter, however, lives up to its name by lacking any form of connecting wires between the two solo earpieces. This important nitty-gritty makes the two vastly different from each other.

If you’ve already experienced the convenience of wireless earphones, it won’t take you long to recognize how the true wireless models amplify these benefits. Nonetheless, if you’re still on the fence about buying a true wireless Bluetooth headphone, then go through the following list of reasons that are sure to convince you.


  1. 1. No More Wires


A true wireless Bluetooth headphone is the ultimate answer to your quest for absolute freedom from wires. Although normal Bluetooth headphones can help contain the general loathing you have towards wires, they are still dependent on some form of connective cables to join the two earpieces of the headset together. Alternatively, standalone Bluetooth earbuds lack any kind of wired connection to the audio source or each other. This makes it possible for you to put your phone away while listening to your favorite podcast or music albums.


  1. 2. Perfect Fit for Your Busy Lifestyle


True wireless headphones are the perfect fit for your busy, on-the-go lifestyle. If you’re worried about these earbuds slipping out of your ears when you’re busy perfecting a dance routine or chasing your workout goals, you don’t have to worry, for their ergonomically designed bodies are created to snuggly fit your ears. Their convenient and sweat-proof designs also make them ultra-wearable for those early morning jogs or yoga sessions. With these comfortable earbuds, immersive sound experiences are well within your pockets!


  1. 3. Packed with Top-Notch Features


Apart from enjoying wire-free, high-resolution music experiences, you also get access to many other features and benefits when you opt for a true wireless headphone model. Most Bluetooth earbuds come jam-packed with coveted features like active noise cancellation, water resistance and audio transparency, among others. Some can also monitor the user’s heartbeat and calorie count while effectively linking this data with a fitness app. This makes them the perfect gadgets for fitness enthusiasts who love to have their health constantly monitored.


  1. 4. Easy to Carry Around


You can slip a pair of wired headphones quite easily into your travel bag, but the problem begins when you need to fish them out. Apart from needing to untangle them from the other things in your bag, you will also need to detangle the cords from each other before proceeding to plug the jack into your device. However, with true wireless headphones, you can bid farewell to such unnecessary chores. True wireless headphones come with their own charging cases, making them extremely travel-friendly. These earbuds can be your perfect travel buddy since all you need to do is put the charging case in your bag and you’re good to go! Fish out the case anywhere and anytime to effortlessly enjoy your travels, with the added advantage of never forgetting your earphone charger at home.


  1. 5. Quick Pairing

True wireless headphones redefine convenience with their quick pairing ability. After the initial Bluetooth pairing is achieved with your preferred device, these ingenious and intuitive earbuds will automatically sync with the device the next time they are switched on! Such instances of effortlessly upholding the promise of seamless connectivity make these earbuds widely popular among users.


In light of these key benefits, not opting for a true wireless headphone will be quite foolish. However, if your budget is the only factor restraining you from ditching the old wired headset for a brand new true wireless one, visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store today to enjoy exclusive deals and offers on all the top-selling models. Avail of No Cost EMI plans to buy your favourite true wireless headphones model and repay in easy monthly instalments.