How celebrities maintain their social pages

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How celebrities maintain their social pages

How celebrities maintain their social pages

A lot of people nowadays do what they do on their social pages. These are stars, famous models like Katya Clover. Their pages are very attractive and have a lot of followers.

Let's talk about how to do it properly:

1)Answer readers' questions

✅Post a story asking questions that interest your subscribers. And in the following Stories, post the answers.

This will give you the opportunity to tell them more about yourself, your company, and your product or service.

2) Take surveys.

✅With stickers in stories, you can take surveys: ask a question and post 2 answer choices. This way you can:

✔ find out what your target audience is interested in, what their needs are;

✔ adjust your offer of goods or services;

✔ identify those who got to your profile by accident and remove them from your subscribers.

3) Make reposts of your readers' publications

Storis polls✅You can arrange for subscribers to repost your publications in exchange for you reposting their content. Reposts work like word of mouth.

That way more people learn about you and if they find the information you give interesting and useful, they will subscribe to you.

4) Hold contests and quizzes.

✅Gifts are loved by everyone! If you offer the winner a discount, gift, or special offer, it's sure to bring new subscribers and potential customers to your account. And maybe someone will want to buy your product or use a service right now.

⚡ Don't forget to tell Storis about the winners of contests, this will encourage others to participate in the next contests, and generate reader interest.

5)Post F.A.Q. - Answers to frequently asked questions

✅Readers are probably asking you questions. You can answer them in direct, but it's much more effective if you post the answers in Storis. And just like reviews, F.A.Q. is better to anchor in the actual one. Especially since not everyone likes to ask questions.

It's much easier when complete information about your product can be found in topical stories.

6) Post links to new publications

✅Stories are viewed by people more often than they read posts. Some don't have the time, and others just don't like looking through an endless feed.

In addition, Instagram may not show your posts to everyone, and stories can help find new publications for those who have not seen them in the feed.

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