How to Fix Google maps not working?

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How to Fix Google maps not working?

How to fix Google Maps not working
Google Maps has become a powerful means of navigation. Therefore, when the app is not working, it can cause a lot of problems or even crash when you need it the most. In these cases, you need a quick fix Google maps not working to get your journey back on track.

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to get the Google Maps app up and running. In this article, we'll walk you through the steps on what to do if your Google Maps isn't working with whatever device you're using.

Google Maps not working on an iPhone
If the Google Maps app on your iPhone is not working or running slowly or crashing, try some of the methods below.

Reset your iPhone
If you're having issues with Google Maps being slow to open, not opening at all, or crashing, restarting your iPhone will likely resolve these issues. That is how:

Go to "Settings" and tap on "General".
Scroll to the bottom and press "Power off".
Wait until the iPhone restarts.

Check the Location Service
There is a possibility that Google Maps location services have been disabled. Here's how to check and enable the location service:

Navigate to "Settings."
Scroll down to "Google Maps" and tap on it.
Press "Location" on the Google Maps screen.
Select "Always" or "While using the app" on the next page.

Enable Background App Refresh for Google Maps
Allowing Google Maps to perform data updates in the background can help improve its speed.

Open "Settings" and go to "General".
Select "Refresh apps in background". If the "Background App Refresh" section is greyed out, it indicates that your phone is running in low power mode.
Turn the Google Maps switch to the ON position on the next screen. This allows Google Maps to perform content updates in the background.

Update google maps
With the following steps, you can make sure your iPhone is running the latest version of Google Maps.

Launch the app store.
Go to the Profile button in the upper right corner.
If the app is not up to date, Google Maps will appear in the area below "Updates Available".
If a new version is available, please press the "Update" option on the right of Google Maps to update it.

Reset location and privacy
To reset your location and privacy settings, follow these steps:

Open "Settings" and go to "General".
Under "Reset", select "Reset location and privacy".
Type your lock screen password.
In the next menu, select "Reset Settings".

Reset network settings
Make sure you remember your Wi-Fi network password, and then follow these instructions to reset your iPhone's network settings.

Go to "Settings", then "General".
Under "Reset", press "Reset Network Settings".
If necessary, type your lock screen password.
In the menu that appears, select "Reset Network Settings".