Why Is It Important to Use Custom Dispenser Boxes?

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If you're launching a new product, a custom dispenser box can highlight your brand's logo or tagline.

Why Is It Important to Use Custom Dispenser Boxes?

Are you looking for custom dispenser boxes If you're looking for custom dispenser box designs, then this is the place to look. You can find the packaging company that will design your box with kraft paper, SBSboard, or both. Depending on your requirements, they can print on either the sides or front of your box. They can create a Dispenser Box to meet your requirements, no matter if you want your logo printed or a plain design. Let's get started. Continue reading to learn more about the available printing options.


Custom Dispenser boxes

When packaging products, custom dispenser boxes can make a lasting impression. These boxes can be used to package food or medical products. With thousands of colors, you can create a box that is distinctive and memorable. Custom dispenser boxes offer many benefits. Let's take a look at some of these benefits. Choose the right combination of style, colors and materials for your product.


Choose the right combination of colors and type. You can experiment with different combinations of colors and images using both offset and digital printing. A professional artist can handle digital design. For matching colors, CMYK and Pantone values will be used. You can request a hardcopy copy proof for an additional charge. You can see the artwork before you decide to print. Once you are happy with the final design, it's time to print the boxes.


Kraft Paper

Bubble wrap can be replaced with paper dispenser boxes, which are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Kraft Paper can be used in dispenser boxes as a void fill material and is both recyclable and biodegradable. Kraft Paper can be used to wrap, package, and interleave products during transport. Here are some examples. There are many paper options available so that you can determine which type of paper will best suit your project.


Kraft paper dispenser boxes are available in many sizes. You can find dispenser boxes in sizes ranging from 12" up to 72". You have two choices: a straight edge or a serrated edge to cut foil or film. If the dispenser box is tailored to your specific needs, its benefits will be maximized. The dispenser box will be beautiful to look at.


SBS board

SBS board can be used to make custom printed paper boxes. This board is a solid bleached type. There are many options for custom-printed paper boxes in different packaging industries. It is common to use cardboard in custom printed paper boxes, but it can be confusing to those who are not in the commercial sector. When producing products with a significant concentration of more than 180g/m2, printers typically use cardboard.


The best paperboard material should be used for packaging. The SBS board is a great choice for food packaging due to its white surface. This board is great for industrial products as well as heavy-duty applications like beverage packaging. The board's thickness will determine the size of your packaging. It can be either 18 or 24 points. There are two types of polyester: the 1-Side Polyester and the 2-Side Polyester.


Printing options

There are many options for packaging dispenser boxes. There are many printing options, including offset, digital and 3D. Even if the dispenser box is small, you can choose the printing method that best suits your needs. Digital printing can be used to create custom images that look better than the standard dispenser boxes.

Corrugated and digital printing are two common options for custom dispenser box designs. Corrugated boxes are strong and sturdy, making them very popular. These boxes can be used in many different applications. Digital printing formats allow you to experiment with color. To create your customized dispenser box, you can use your digital design.If you're launching a new product, a custom dispenser box can highlight your brand's logo or tagline.