I Lost My Love in Baghdad [READ] by Michael Hastings

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I Lost My Love in Baghdad [READ] by Michael Hastings

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I Lost My Love in Baghdad PDF

by : Michael Hastings



Book Description:

At age twenty-five, Michael Hastings arrived in Baghdad to cover the war in Iraq for Newsweek. He had at his disposal a little Hemingway romanticism and all the apparatus of a twenty-first-century reporter---cell phones, high-speed Internet access, digital video cameras, fixers, drivers, guards, and translators. In startling detail, he describes the chaos, the violence, the never-ending threats of bomb and mortar attacks, and the front lines that can be a half mile from the Green Zone---indeed, that can be anywhere. This is a new kind of war: private security companies follow their own rules, or lack thereof; soldiers in combat get instant messages from their girlfriends and families; and members of the Louisiana National Guard watch Katrina's decimation of their city on a TV in the barracks.

Book Detail:

Title: I Lost My Love in Baghdad

Author : Michael Hastings

Pages :

Publisher : Tantor Audio Pa

Language :

ISBN : 1616374535

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