BOOK)READ I'm a Romance Scam IT Detective /READ) by Selina Co

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BOOK)READ I'm a Romance Scam IT Detective /READ) by Selina Co Download and Read online, DOWNLOAD EBOOK,[PDF EBOOK EPUB],Ebooks download,Read Ebook EPUB/KINDLE,Download Book Format PDF

BOOK)READ I'm a Romance Scam IT Detective /READ) by Selina Co


Read and download I'm a Romance Scam IT Detective in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book Behind Your Smiles: Eternity Publishing by Selina Co.

I'm a Romance Scam IT Detective PDF

by : Selina Co



Book Description:

This cybercrime detective true story & victim story involves 7 countries (Australia, the United States, Singapore, Ghana, Nigeria, China, New Zealand) in 4 continents. Unpredictable, artistic but very reasonable behaviours of Selina and her interaction with police, scammers, hackers, banks, lawyers and organizations make this biography emotional, fun but seriously informative.Selina will show you how to investigate the cybercrime, how she masters criminal's mind, IT analysis / IT data in real cybercrime, misconduct of banks, possible legal matters and money recovery analysis.This book includes conversations with police, hackers, actresses, banking consultants, lawyers and regulators. Features: Criminals' fake documents; Analysis demonstration; Drawings; Tables; Photos. Paperback: 228 pages (13 coloured pages)ISBN: 978-1-925908-42-8 (classical paperback)ISBN: 978-1-696993-90-6 (discounted Black & white version)ISBN: 978-1-925908-43-5 (e-Book) Best chapters of the book My favourite chapter: ""How to Scam a Scammer?""Most mysterious chapter: ""Hacker's Meeting""Advanced scammer tricks: First 4 chapters Stupidity of scammers: ""Daily Life""Most IT chapters: ""The Real Frederick""; ""IT Detective""Legal understanding chapters: ""Lawyers""; ""Ending""Most painful chapter:“Unfortunate Coincidences”Practical Information:Appendix 1 - Interesting facts about romance scams

Book Detail:

Title: I'm a Romance Scam IT Detective

Author : Selina Co

Pages :

Publisher :

Language :

ISBN : 1925908429


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