How To Lose Weight Without Working Out?

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Fiber is the most important diet for overweight people. Anybody cannot avoid it. Thirty to fifty grams of fiber is the necessity of the human body irrespective of their weight

How To Lose Weight Without Working Out?

Eating less and exercising more does not help everybody. Some advisors will say that. But that is not true. People who cannot exercise due to some physical problems or busy life will find this article more fitting.

Less eating reduces the energy level of the body and lacks several important supplements. As a result, one may become weak, and some functions of the body will not act properly. Exercise does not lose weight outright but improves metabolism, which can be achieved in other ways. The below-mentioned ways can be the best to follow.

A full-fledged plan

Losing weight is not a one-week course. It takes time. Being motivated all the time is what you need to do. Advisors say people start at the beginning with full energy and motivation, but in the middle, they lose all that energy. Finally, they fade up and stop. That is what you do not want to do. Make a routine of your work, food, sleep, and stick it to the wall. So that you can see it every day. A full-fledged plan will also help you to be motivated all the time.

Take enough protein

Protein is the source of energy. It fuels up energy in the body and reduces cravings throughout the day. Every person needs protein according to their weight. For example, a person is 60 kilograms in weight. So the person must take 60 grams of protein in a day. It is not recommended to take it in a single time. If you eat five times a day, divide 60 grams into five meals of 12 grams each. It will help the livers and intestines to digest them properly.

Rich fiber diet

Fiber is the most important diet for overweight people. Anybody cannot avoid it. Thirty to fifty grams of fiber is the necessity of the human body irrespective of their weight. Fiber is a form of complex carbohydrate. It has two categories: soluble and insoluble. The human body cannot break these fibers. So it is transferred to the large and small intestines where the microbiomes break it resulting in a good metabolism, controlled blood pressure, good cholesterol, improved digestive system, and comfortable bowel movement. All of these are vital for losing weight.

Adequate water

According to doctors, Seventy percent of the human body is filled with water. Now one can understand how important it is. Water helps to digest food properly. It cleanses the body by removing the wastes and unnecessary things. Importantly, water is calorie-free. Taking 3 to 4 liters of water throughout the day decreases the appetite. For this reason, you can eat less and burn more calories, and it is shown in a Healthcanal's piece about lower calorie intake.

Avoid unhealthy foods

It is easy to be lulled by junk food. Someone who is in the habit of eating such food has zero ideas of its detrimental effects. Junk foods disturb the body in several ways. First of all, it reduces the metabolism level. Secondly, it develops harmful cholesterol. Thirdly, it destroys the microbiomes in the guts. Moreover, junk food creates lethargic and sleepy feelings that are enough to produce excess fat in the body. It is not that you do not eat them at all. But avoid as much as possible.

Roaming around

It is great if you can move your body. Everybody cannot work out. Some may have pain as the reason or are too busy to think about it. Some people also possess a great fear to exercise. So what you can do is walk in the morning or go for a short trip around your house in the afternoon. It will make you stress-free and remind you that you are on the right track.

Leave sugar

Sugar contains an unimaginable amount of calories. Do not get baffled by its small size. Products like chocolates, cakes, and candies contain a high amount of sugar. Eating them reduces the craving a lot, and you can relate it with your experience. Unnecessary sugar will create a heap of fat in the belly. Does it sound like a trumpet? Yes, You heard it right.

Take green coffee or green tea

As medically reviewed by Kimberly Langdon, MD, green tea or green coffee beans is a great savior for overweight people. They are gaining worldwide popularity for their miraculous result. Both of them contain caffeine that reduces the appetite. Unlike sugar, it has very few calories. They also contain certain antioxidants that help to burn fat.

Green coffee beans or their extract, which can be availed from medical stores, contain chlorogenic acids that significantly reduce the BMR. In turn, it lowers the release of glucose from the liver to the blood. As a result, the human body finds a substitute for glucose. Fat fulfills the gap and gets burnt out.

One can also opt for some supplements available in the market. But before taking any supplements, consult with your doctor.

The final words

It is hard to enter the gym while maintaining work and family responsibilities. The above-mentioned methods can show a significant result if properly followed. All you need is a planned dietary chart and a strong determination.


But before taking any steps, take a consultation from your doctor. Problems are individual. The needs of your body may be different from others. You also may have some physical problems. So it is better to take a consultation with your doctor.

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