Why People have to face Second wedding?

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Why People have to face Second wedding?

In India Total Marriage rate is 46.8% and widow rate is 1.8% or the Divorced /separated rate is 0.2%. Arranged marriage is very popular in India. arranged marriages are done by families where relations build with the decisions of the family. Arranged marriage is a tradition where people fix their marriage on the behalf of family background, tradition, and qualifications, and the marriage is fixed after all the taking decisions so, why do people face divorce. Because families always seek for good for their kids. so, why bride and groom have to face the situation.

It is The biggest question for everyone

Why Most of the cases of divorces registered on second wedding matrimonial portals

On online marriage sites most of the Divorce cases are registered because they are not Matched according to their criteria so, the things were not matched they change in the argument and nobody wants to fight in their relationship so, they decided to take divorcee. So, matched people through matrimonial where you find experts matchmakers who matched your criteria so, it is easy for you to find the perfect match

List of Why people have to face Diovorcee Situation:-

  1. Bride and Groom are not matched According to their preferences
  2. Mostly bride toucher for the dowry and at last, they have to get divorced
  3. Qualifications are not matched

Why do people have to face a second wedding?

In India, people are matched by their parents or relatives and most probably marriages are arranged so, bride and groom do not have too much time to chat or discuss everything, so basically In arrange marriage everything is based on first meeting. How people spend their whole life with that person who is not suitable for the person. In arranged marriage most of the habits you come to know after marriage. And most of the people are ok with it but most of them are not ok. So plan or fixing a marriage is a very important decision that’s why families hire personal relationship Manager they hire their relationship manager by joining the matrimonial site there are many matchmaker agencies or matrimonial sites in India, but some Indian matrimonial sites give personalized or elite matrimonial services because they have to work as a family on the behalf of the families so very some Indian Matrimonial site provide their services.

And some people lost their loved ones so, that’s why they go with the remarriage or second wedding widowhood remarriage is not a simple task and for society is not eligible and finding good relation is the toughest part, so families are searching with online remarriage site or remarriage services where they find better and best partner. On search engine, Many online matrimonial sites has available who provide the matrimonial service who find the best one for you


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